Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Point of View and a Life Changing Moment

This past year I wrote a novella in the first person POV (point of view). Two out of the five places I submitted it, rejected it because they didn't like first person POV. They both suggested that I rewrite it in the third person POV, and then resubmit. Is this a common practice?

Which POV do you prefer writing in and why? I'm curious to know.

Life Changing Moment:

I'm happy to announce that my boyfriend (Adam) asked me to marry him and I accepted!

As many of you know, we did the online deal for almost a year and then met in person. Our meeting, finally cemented what we knew was in our hearts for so long. We still have a huge distance factor between us but we're working on closing the gap and hoping to soon be with each other for good.


  1. Woop! Can't wait to be with you again, love, and this time permanently! :-D

    As for your question, I use both, depending on the project. I find most projects call for 3rd as opposed to 1st, but this may well be because I prefer 3rd. Someone who prefers 1st may well write my 3rd person projects in 1st. :)


  2. Same here Adam *hugs*

    True, I guess POV really comes down to preference.

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