Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Author Interview: Adam Slade

I'm pleased to welcome Adam Slade, author of "A Reaper's Take - The Undecided", published by Lyrical Press.

Adam was kind enough to answer a few questions about his newly released book, and the publishing process.

R - Tell us about your latest release.

A - My latest (and first) book, titled "A Reaper's Tale - The Undecided," was released by Lyrical Press back in May. It's a humorous urban fantasy revolving around a Grim Reaper named Mal, who's soul is somehow attached to the soul of a troubled yound woman named Amy. The story revolves around Mal trying to save her from the various nasties that are after her soul, and trying to separate himself from her before she's sent to the afterlife, lest he has to go with her.

R - When did you start writing?

A - I started a few years ago, though I've always had an urge to write. :)

R - How long did it take you to get published and what do you have to say about the publishing process.

A - I was VERY lucky, in that my submission was accepted for publishing six days after I submitted it. Most submissions take a lot longer than that. From submission to the date it came out was around six months, I believe. I learned a great deal from the whole process, especially the editing! :)

R - What advice do you have for other writers pursueing their dream of being published?

A - Keep at it, and keep reading, too! You sure as hell don't need a degree to write, but I'd recommend getting a book on the process (Stephen King's On Writing is my favourite), as it'll make your life a lot easier. ;-)

R - What can we expect to see from Adam Slade in the future?

A - I have a science fiction novella named "Strand" coming out toward the end of the year, or possibly early 2011. I'm also working on a sequel to "A Reaper's Tale," and have a few other irons in the fire, too.

Thank you again Adam, for taking the time to share your insights. We look forward to your next release.

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  2. You're welcome. It's a great book.

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  3. Great interview, both of you ;o) Adam, I'm reading your book right now and love it!

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  5. Great interview! Always enjoy reading Adam and his writing experiences. Thank you so much Rhaina. :)

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