Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Gay zombie Free for a Limited Time

When I published My Gay Zombie, I thought it would sell well. It hasn't. So, my loss is your gain. For a limited time, My Gay Zombie will be a free download on Smashwords, All Romance, Bookstrand, and Amazon(If they choose to set it to free). Please report the price change to them. From what I've heard, that's how they do that.

Blurb: Jeremy has a major problem. He’s dead!
After a night of partying, Jeremy is awakened from his eternal slumber only to discover that he’s dead, or at least deadish. After meeting good guy, Randell on a dark and deserted road, the two guys quickly fall in lust with each other.

Jeremy is quickly discovering new things about himself such as his love of human brains. His urges cannot be controlled and when he realizes that Randell is endangered by being in his company, a decision must be made to protect him.

Excerpt: Randell’s heart thumped hard inside his chest. That face and that body. Instantly, he became erect just as Jeremy walked into the living area. And now, thoughts of doing extremely naughty things with him coursed throughout his mind causing him to blush.
Fumbling through his closet, he grabbed a pair of sleep pants along with a sweatshirt. It would do.
“I’m chilled.”
Randell jumped and turned to see Jeremy standing behind him.
“I appear to have startled you this time. It’s becoming a habit…with us.” Jeremy sat on the edge of his bed.
God, he was super sexy! “This should fit you and it’s warm.” His mind skittered once again to the naughties. “If you’re hungry, I can make something.”
Jeremy nodded. “I am hungry, but it isn’t for food.”
“Coffee? I know it always brings me around when I’m feeling slightly off, or a beer?”
“Not what I have in mind.” Jeremy pulled the towel from around his waist.
This had to be a dream, a delicious dream. And if it was? He sure as shit didn’t want to wake up.


Whatever had come over him, Jeremy didn’t know. Much like the hunger, right now all he wanted to do was fuck. Lust flowed throughout his body and with only one thing on his mind, he closed in on Randell.
“Um, what are you doing?”
“I saw the way you looked at me when I came from the shower. You had that look in your eyes, a look that told me so much with just one passing glance,” he replied, taking Jeremy’s hand and placing it on his chest against his ashen, cool flesh.
The guy flushed crimson. “It’s just that--”
“No need to explain.” He pressed one finger against Jeremy’s lips. “You saw something you liked and I have too. There’s no shame in that, contrary to what some others may say or think.”
“It’s just that I’ve never done anything like this before.”
“With another guy?” he asked, the thought of seducing a virgin, brought his excitement and horniness to a whole new level.
“With anyone. I’m a virgin.”
“But you like guys?”
Randell nodded, taking in a deep breath. “Very much so.”
Jeremy dropped to his knees, his cock rock hard, pointing upward. He unzipped Randell’s fly and reached in until he found what he desired, eight inches of thick, throbbing cock. Uncut. Bonus!
“Sweet Jesus,” said Randell.
“He has nothing to do with it,” replied Jeremy, looking up. He then opened his mouth and didn’t stop until he felt pubic hair rubbing against his nose.
Like an animal driven by some unknown need to quench a lustful thirst, he sucked up and down, his goal to not only pleasure this guy, but also fulfill the urge within himself.

Author Interview With Tory Michaels

X- What got you started on your writing path?

T- Too many stories in my head. I had my really really dreadful novel, appropriately titled Obsession, that I wrote when I was 15, queried it to one publisher, and then tossed it. Part of me regrets it, part of me is glad because I don’t know if I could stomach looking at it after all this time, though I still remember the basic story pretty well. Now that I (theoretically) know how to write, maybe I’ll do it over. I did a lot of role-playing games online (either in chat rooms or through computer games, which is actually how I met my husband), and my characters/worlds were always talking to me and encouraging my creativity. Eventually, after a long hiatus after getting married, I came back to writing and have been pecking at it every since.

X- What's your latest release and what inspired you to write it?

T- My latest (first) release is Blood Rage on February 8. There was a combination of things that led me to write it. 1) The main characters had come back with a vengeance after being quiet in my head for 5 years and wouldn’t leave me alone. 2) I was sick of the vampires I was reading about (either angsty a la Angel or evil a la Spike/Dracula), and saw no reason why vampires couldn’t be just like (relatively) normal people going about their lives. 3) I was involved in a Master’s Degree in Public Administration which gave me insight into the bureaucracy of the US government and figured, if vamps (and other non-humans) were openly members of society, wouldn’t it make sense that they would have their own government agency to meet their specific needs (such as licensing magic users & magic shops, running a system of blood banks for the vamps, etc.)? And thus the Bureau of Non-Human Affairs (part of Health and Human Services) was born.

X- List three of your favourite things.

T- My husband/children (sorry, they’re all sorta one unit, and despite my ongoing grumbles, I love ‘em all), my Nook, and chocolate (preferably Lindor).

X- What's one thing most people don't know about you?

T- Hrmmmmm. I’m pretty open about m’self so I don’t know if I have a lot of secrets. I used to play 6 instruments (not at once, obviously, but I knew how): piano, organ, flute, clarinet, oboe, and bassoon.

X- What's next for Tory Michaels?

T- Blood-Mage Rising comes out (I hope) next month and I’ve got other ideas floating around. Now if they’d just solidify into something usable, I’d be a lot happier. I’ve got a futuristic series in mind, which is a spin-off of the Dream-Walker War.

X- Where can readers reach you on the Internet?

T- – Website/blog - Facebook personal profile - Facebook Dream-Walker War series page
Twitter: @torymichaels
I’m on Goodreads too, though I haven’t gotten the author page up and running as of the writing of this, since Blood Rage isn’t out yet.

X- Great! Thanks for taking the time for this interview. It was great having you on Write Outside The Box.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eden's Garden

My latest MMF, Eden's Garden is up for pre-order at Siren Publishing. It releases on Feb 9th! Check out the excerpts below! Enjoy!

Story Excerpt:

She would never have guessed that the Kevin that her mom had so often talked about was the Kevin whom she had dated for a short period during her senior year. He hadn’t changed much, and sitting and talking with him, she was glad to reconnect with him. Cliff, on the other hand, for some reason sparked her interest in another way, and she felt there was a story behind him. After all, didn’t everyone come with a story?
“No, I moved to the area not long before I came to work here,” replied Cliff. “I’ve always had an interest in nature, so it’s been awesome to incorporate that into an actual job.”
“It’s always a good thing to be happy with your work.” She reflected on her own job and wished she felt like Cliff. It wasn’t that she hated her job, but the long hours along with often-difficult clients made it hard to maintain her enthusiasm when it repeated itself day after day. She was in need of a change, but even thinking about making any sort of a move scared the hell out of her. It was sad to admit, but she liked having a set routine in her life.
“We should get back to work. It’s been great seeing you again,” said Kevin, excusing himself. “We should all hang out some night to catch up.”
“With you two?” asked Eden. She could think of worse things to do in town rather than spend an evening with two handsome men.
“Yeah, Cliff lives with me. We could get together. I grill like an SOB.”
The offer appealed to her. “Sure, that sounds good.”
“How about tomorrow evening?” asked Kevin. “Seven?”
“I’ll check with Mom, but I can’t see it being a problem.” She had her cell, and she’d make sure to have it turned on at all times in case she was needed.
“I live out by Route Nine. It’s number twenty-eight Old South Bend Road. You’ll see the mailbox before you see the trailer.” She watched as Kevin went to fetch a piece of paper and pen from the shop’s counter. He scribbled down directions and handed them to her. “I jotted down my cell number in case you need it.”
“It’s been great to finally meet you,” said Cliff. “I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He then walked off, leaving Kevin with her.
“Nice guy,” she said, watching him leave, paying special attention to his cute butt bouncing underneath his well-worked jeans.
“He’s quiet, but one heck of a worker and a great roommate. He doesn’t talk much about himself and I’m not one to pry. I prefer to let sleeping dogs lie.”
“I’m sure he’ll open up in time. Maybe he has trust issues? We all have issues.” She smirked. “Some more than others.” She thought about her dismal dating record. “Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow evening.” She heard her mom come back into the room, and after Kevin had left, Eden went to see what the other two ladies were up to at the counter.

Adult Excerpt:

“Lay back on the bed,” he ordered. “Cliff, help her out of her panties.”
Eden shifted back on the bed and blushed just a little as Cliff hooked his thumbs into the waist of her panties, and in one hard yank, he had them around her ankles, exposing her to him totally. Kevin caressed her cheek as he knelt next to her on the bed, his cock just inches from her mouth. He ran one finger across her lips and then slipped it inside.
“That’s it, suck on my finger.”
She toyed with him, teasing him to the best of her ability, and when she felt Cliff pushing her legs apart, she groaned as he spread her pussy lips open and ran his tongue over her engorged clit.
“She likes that,” said Kevin. “Keep doing that and watch her squirm. Get her nice and wet for us.”
* * * *
Kevin smiled as he rubbed his cockhead against Eden’s full lips. “Suck my cock,” he said, watching her, their eyes meeting as she opened her mouth and took him inside. He leaned toward her slightly and pressed forward. “That’s real good.” He closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them again, he looked to Cliff and grinned. “Eat her cunt. I wanna see her come.”
Cliff pulled his head away from Eden’s pussy, his lips slick with her juices. “You should have a go at her. She’s so hot and tight.”
Eden moaned when he said this, and after he inserted a second finger inside her cunt, he tried a third and started fucking her hard.
Kevin watched the hot scene play before him, and he knew he had to fuck Eden. He had to feel her clenched around his cock, her pussy massaging him. “I am so going to fuck you hard,” he explained. “And Cliff, too!”
She nodded in agreement and took him deeper down her throat.
* * * *
Cliff was engrossed with the sight of his fingers sliding in and out of Eden’s pussy. He tongued her clit and, with his free hand, reached down to jack his cock, which now jutted from the fly of his jeans.
“Oh God,” he heard Eden say. He looked up and watched her jack Kevin’s cock, her eyes closed and her mouth open. “Fuck me,” she begged. “I need one of you to fuck me hard!”
“Your wish is our command.” Kevin moved down to join him, but before he did, he reached into the nightstand for condoms and lube. He winked as he tossed one to Cliff. “I have an idea. Lie on your back and let her ride you.”
Cliff did as he was told and in the process slid the condom over his cock and applied a little lube. He bit down on his bottom lip when Eden straddled him. The feeling was incredible. She was hotness, and the friction of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt was out of this world.
“Lean back a little,” he heard Kevin say to Eden. “If it’s too much for you, just tell me and we’ll stop.”
“I’ve never had two men at once,” she professed. “This is a first for me and I’m not sure if it’s going to work.”
“I want us to both fuck you for the first time.” Kevin’s voice was softer now and more soothing as he explained this to her. “I want you to enjoy this just as much as we do.”
Cliff didn’t move as he felt Kevin pushing into Eden’s pussy to join him, and as she grunted and moved slightly to adjust to their girths, he held on to her hips to keep her in place.
“Oh my!” she exclaimed. “That’s just—” Cliff heard her suck in a deep breath.
“Are we hurting you?” asked Kevin, his voice full of concern.
“No. Please go slow, but don’t stop.”

Friday, February 3, 2012

Interviewing Georgia Fox

Georgia Fox is the awesome author of many erotic titles. Her talent for writing historical romance is vast and it shows in every work. She agreed to me a small glimpse into her writing career and shared with us her most recent release.

X- Tell us what started you on the writing path.

G- I've always had stories in my head. I can remember writing my first book at the age of ten. It must have been around that time I realized people could actually make money as a writer - that it could be a career. But I never seriously thought of showing anyone my work and trying to get published until much later. Once I'd plucked up the courage to share my work with a few friends and they encouraged me to try getting it published, that was how the ball got rolling.

X- What's your latest release?

G- THE WAGERED WENCH is book 5 in The Conquerors series (and the penultimate book in the series). It's the story of a woman struggling to find her place in a male dominated world (11th century England) and the reluctant man who comes to marry her, having won her from her drunken father in a game of dice. It takes place over the space of a year and is divided into four parts, represented by water, air, fire and earth - each one being significant in the development of their steamy romance. It also introduces the hero of the final book - Stryker Bloodaxe - who gets in on some menage action with the hero and heroine.

X- Do you do much research when writing your books?

G- I do. I have tons of history books for every time period LOL. But I don't over-burden the story with too much historical detail. I like the story to be about the characters and their chemistry, rather than a broader history lesson on the political climate. If the reader picks up some interesting facts about living in the era along the way, that's great - I think it sets the scene and puts the reader into the time period much more effectively to have a few nuggets of historical treasure spread about for them to find. The important thing is that they enjoy the story and it transports them to another place for a while. I don't want to teach anyone anything, just entertain.

X- What's something most people don't know about you?

G- Hmmm. That would be telling!

X- What's the book you like the most that you've wrote?

G- Argh! I love them all for different reasons. I think possiblyThe Wagered Wench. It's actually a story I started writing a long time ago and set aside, because I wasn't getting that flow. Then I got it out again one day and suddenly it just took flight. The character of Dominic Coeur-du-loup touches a chord in me, I guess. He's very strong, quiet and much more honorable than he thinks he is. His kindness and intrinsic goodness is just a part of who he is and since its always been there he doesn't think about it, doesn't know to value it. He has a facial scar and assumes that no woman will love him because of it.

X- What can we expect from you within the next year?

G- Book six in The Conquerors series - the final one. And it has some surprises in store for those who've read the other books. I'm going out with a bang! Then I have plans for a new series, which I don't want to say too much about. I also have more books planned for Lumina (the wanton hussy, whose first story came out last year) First, however, I've got a naughty fairy tale almost completed and I'm very excited about it. This one involves a very naughty pussy, a cursed milkmaid, a wicked nobleman, some high-heeled boots and some whips and chains.

Thanks for hosting me, Xon!

X- And thank-you for being here.

Georgia can be found online at: Foxy Tales