Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Money Side of One Author's Journey

Many authors are hesitant to discuss the financial side of the writing business, myself included. I thought about writing this post for a bit and decided to go ahead, and give a glimpse into how much I've made throughout the last year since I started writing seriously.

The first six months saw very little. My first few statements were mainly from publisher's sites and I learned that it takes a good amount of time before the third party sites pay up which is where most of the sales come from. I didn't know this previously and for anyone who thinks the money is instant, it isn't!

Some of my publishers sell better than others. I've had one novella tank(Sweet Romance) and while it's a fav of mine it just didn't sell. I've had two others that have done okay and the rest have done quite well to date. My self-published stuff has also sold well and I hope to continue with that as a side venture too.

I won't get into specific amounts earned, but I am making a decent second income from writing. Could I live alone from what I'm making at this time? Certainly not. At this time I still have to work my day job. Maybe in a year that might change.

I'd also like to note that I do a heck of a lot of promotion on my own. I have no doubt that this has helped my sales. It's not easy work. It takes a lot of time and effort. In the e book romance and erotica business you have to do your best to get noticed. In a market that's flooded it isn't an easy task!

Writing Updates:

-Awaiting on one sub MMF
-Awaiting edits on book two in The Men of Buckshot Ranch series from Total-E-Bound
-Awaiting edits on my Christmas antho story from Evernight Publishing
-Completing a couple of shorts for Iron Rose Press

It's been busy here in the writing cave, but I'd have it no other way :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Gay Zombie

Coming soon to Amazon Kindle!

Jeremy has a major problem. He’s dead!
After a night of partying, Jeremy is awakened from his eternal slumber only to discover that he’s dead, or at least deadish. After meeting good guy, Randell on a dark and deserted road, the two guys quickly fall in lust with each other.
Jeremy is quickly discovering new things about himself such as his love of human brains. His urges cannot be controlled and when he realizes that Randell is endangered by being in his company, a decision must be made to protect him.
Randells heart thumped hard inside his chest. That face and that body. Instantly, he became erect just as Jeremy walked into the living area. And now, thoughts of doing extremely naughty things with him coursed throughout his mind causing him to blush.
            Fumbling through his closet, he grabbed a pair of sleep pants along with a sweatshirt. It would do.
            Im chilled.
            Randell jumped and turned to see Jeremy standing behind him.
            I appear to have startled you this time. Its becoming a habitwith us. Jeremy sat on the edge of his bed.
            God, he was super sexy! This should fit you and its warm. His mind skittered once again to the naughties. If youre hungry, I can make something.
            Jeremy nodded. I am hungry, but it isnt for food.
            Coffee? I know it always brings me around when Im feeling slightly off, or a beer?
            Not what I have in mind. Jeremy pulled the towel from around his waist.
            This had to be a dream, a delicious dream. And if it was? He sure as shit didnt want to wake up.


Whatever had come over him, Jeremy didnt know. Much like the hunger, right now all he wanted to do was fuck. Lust flowed throughout his body and with only one thing on his mind, he closed in on Randell.
            Um, what are you doing?
            I saw the way you looked at me when I came from the shower. You had that look in your eyes, a look that told me so much with just one passing glance, he replied, taking Jeremys hand and placing it on his chest against his ashen, cool flesh.
            The guy flushed crimson. Its just that--
            No need to explain. He pressed one finger against Jeremys lips. You saw something you liked and I have too. Theres no shame in that, contrary to what some others may say or think.
            Its just that Ive never done anything like this before.
            With another guy? he asked, the thought of seducing a virgin, brought his excitement and horniness to a whole new level.
            With anyone. Im a virgin.
            But you like guys?
            Randell nodded, taking in a deep breath. Very much so.
            Jeremy dropped to his knees, his cock rock hard, pointing upward. He unzipped Randells fly and reached in until he found what he desired, eight inches of thick, throbbing cock. Uncut. Bonus!
            Sweet Jesus, said Randell.
            He has nothing to do with it, replied Jeremy, looking up. He then opened his mouth and didnt stop until he felt pubic hair rubbing against his nose.
            Like an animal driven by some unknown need to quench a lustful thirst, he sucked up and down, his goal to not only pleasure this guy, but also fulfill the urge within himself.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My First Year

It's been one year since I subbed my first story. Over the past year I have learned so much about many things both writing related and non. It's truly been a journey of sorts and I think I am better off for having the experiences that I have had thus far.

Being published had had it's ups and downs. Some of my works have sold much better than others. I have learned that in the e romance and erotica market some things sell better than others. I have also learned to be wary of certain publishers. It's been like a maze to navigate through all this information since it's tossed at you from every which way possible. Many of you know this and I'm sure have had your own experiences.

I am pleased with the ways things have gone in one year for me. I feel my name is out there and while I'm not one of the biggies selling tons of books, I am doing reasonably well. I hope to continue the way I'm going, but am expanding to write in other genres which are not romance or erotica oriented.

Where do I see myself in another year? I often ask myself this question. Ideally my dream is to write fulltime and be moderately successful. I will continue to work hard at it and see what comes of it. Afterall, I didn't think I'd be this far along one year ago. 


Saturday, October 1, 2011