Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Online Serial?

For a while, I've been pondering about putting one of my completed WIP's up online as a serial. I've seen this done before and was wondering what you think of it?

I've heard it said before that doing this, may attract an agents interest. True? False?

I'm interested in hearing others opinions.


  1. As you know, I have a serial of sorts up, named Gumshoe Casefiles (though I don't update often). I find it a good way to let people see my writing style without having to shell out on a book, and it encourages me to work on my editing too, as I don't want something I'm not proud of out there. :)

    The chances of an agent coming across it are pretty slim (the internet's a big ole place), but it DOES happen occasionally. ;)


  2. I say, do it! I love reading on-line serials. :-)

    Even if an agent doesn't come across it on their own, it's still good to have something out there for them to see when you're shopping for an agent.

    I've learned a lot doing a serial, mostly that the next time I do one I'm going to have some kind of outline to work from! :-)

  3. I'm just debating now on which one to use... I write different genres so it's hard to choose. I wonder which would be more popular, horror, dark gritty lit?

  4. I think both of those genres are fairly popular in serial form, so you shouldn't have an issue there. :-)

    Do keep in mind that a serial novel is considered "published", so it will make it ineligible for traditional publishing from most viewpoints. That doesn't stop me, as I'm just self-publishing mine when I'm done serializing them, but just wanted to bring that up in case it mattered.

    For me, serials have been a great way to get people reading my work, and I've developed a small following of readers by posting, along with all the other great things I've gotten from the experience. So I highly recommend it, if you're okay with putting the work out there.

    I look forward to reading your work! :-)