Friday, August 24, 2012

The Last Temptation of Eve Cover Art

I'm pleased to have my newest cover from Siren Publishing and I love it. Look for this hot MMF coming in September 2012!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Worth Waiting For Release Day!

Blurb: Twice in a lifetime?
Craig isn't one for having friends. In fact, he's content being a loner until he meets new guy, Jason one summer's day.

Jason is everything Craig isn't. Jason is handsome, athletic, and charismatic. But Jason also harbors a deep secret. Soon they form a fast friendship that changes into something much more.

After an impromptu trip to visit Jason's estranged gay brother, Craig reveals Jason's dark secret and Jason vows to never see Craig again before he sends him away.

Years pass and Craig moves on with his life. After a couple of bad relationships, he's done with dating and finding Mr. Right. But when an older and more mature Jason steps back into his life looking to hookup again, he can't help but wonder if there's still a spark waiting to be relit between them.

Excerpt: Jason turned over on his back and rested both hands behind his head. He looked breathtaking laying there with just the dim glow from the flashlight illuminating the interior of the cabin. I swallowed hard and looked away from him. I was making myself look so damned obvious. I was completely taken with him. He wasn’t like other guys. There was something about him that was much more sensitive and caring. It was his nature. It all came easy for him. I admired that about him.
“You’ve got nice eyes.” Jason stretched a little. “I noticed that the moment we met. I’m not hitting on you or anything, but you do. They’re a great shade of green.”
I wanted him to hit on me, desperately. “They’re nothing special.” I flopped back on my sleeping bag and stared at the roof of the cabin.
“Justice is gay. That’s why my dad hates him so much.”
“What?” I turned on my side to face Jason. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“My brother’s gay. None of us ever suspected anything. All throughout high school he always had a girlfriend. He was super popular and on the football team. He left for college and wham! When he returned for Thanksgiving, he told us he was gay and had a boyfriend.”
“Your dad must have flipped.” I was picturing this whole scenario playing out. It must have been one hell of a shocker for all involved.
“Oh yeah! He kicked Justice out of the house right away and he hasn’t been allowed to come home since. Not that he’d want to. He hates my dad like I do.”
“Have you told Justice about how he hits you?” I had to ask.
“No. You’re the only one who knows about that besides mom. I don’t want anyone else to know.”
I sucked in a deep breath and exhaled. This was a lot to take in, but I was glad and heartened that Jason trusted me enough to be honest with me.
“I’ve chatted with Justice’s boyfriend. He’s a nice guy and it doesn’t bother me that my brother is gay. It makes no difference to me. I know he’s happy and that’s what matters. I’m glad he’s found someone to love and to love him.” Jason smiled. “Love is what life is made of. I hope to find it too.”
This was too much. I wanted to hug him. I wanted to kiss him and have him kiss me back. I wanted him to know that everything would be okay and that I was there for him in any way he wanted me to be. In a nutshell, in the matter of a couple of days I was totally in love!
“You will,” I said, reassuring him. “You deserve all that and more. You’ll find it.”
Jason chewed his bottom lip before he spoke. “I’m optimistic. There’s someone out there for everyone. That’s what I think.”
I didn’t entirely believe this, but I went along with Jason anyway. “Right.” I closed my eyes and tried to picture myself with a guy in a relationship. I wondered what it would be like to have an actual boyfriend to spend time with and to love. “I think it’s cool that your brother is so open about his sexuality.” I wished I was brave like Justice. I hated hiding.
“Justice is a great person all around and I’m not just saying that because we’re related. I’d like for you to meet him sometime. He only lives a couple towns over. You know Hansing?”
“That’s where he’s studying. He has a small apartment off campus with his boyfriend. We should go there.”
“Sounds great.” It would be the first time I’d meet others like myself. I wondered if they would know just by looking at me. It was something to ponder.
“I’d have to think up a good excuse to keep it hidden from my dad. I’ll come up with something. I have money saved and we could take the bus. We’ll do it before we go back to school. It’d be cool seeing Justice again.”
Soon, Jason was snoring softly and I was left with my thoughts. I listened to the bugs outside and in the near distance the water from the river soothed me as I slowly began to relax. I was on information overload and tonight seemed surreal. Jason had revealed so much of himself to me. I flicked off the flashlight and stared at him through the darkness that was slightly tinted with light from the moon. As my eyes adjusted, I could see him more clearly. I couldn’t resist the temptation to touch him, so I did. I touched his lips with my index finger and then his cheek. He mumbled something in his sleep and I pulled away quickly. 

Lover Unexpected: Manlove Edition

This exciting 10 author anthology releases today from Evernight Publishing. My story, Quench is included in this collection.

The antho is also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance. It's dicounted for a limited time direct from the publisher.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Notorious Nephilim Series by Carolyn Rosewood

The twelve heroes of the Notorious Nephilim series were part of a larger group of Nephilim sent to earth during the Prohibition era to persuade humans to find more peaceful ways of opposing booze, but our heroes were having too much fun getting drunk and seducing women. They found they especially enjoyed ménage – two of them with one woman.

As punishment for ignoring their mission, they were cast down to earth for the remainder of eternity. As a constant reminder of their sins, no human woman would love only one of them. Instead she’d fall in love with two of them. Because of bigamy laws they could never marry her, but they’d have to share her, and she had to agree to this arrangement. This was the only way they could become mortal and have a chance to earn redemption. If she didn’t choose to stay with them under this arrangement, they’d remain Nephilim and be free to indulge in their vices without any satisfaction.

In retaliation for their harsh punishment, the twelve started Lilith’s Playground, an exclusive resort in Fox Lake Illinois. It soon gained a reputation as catering to its guests’ every desire. But one by one they grew bored and longed for more than temporary flings.

Book One – Spanked By An Angel – takes place in contemporary times. Abigail, the heroine of SBAA, is a guest at the resort. When she falls for two of the owners – Zach and Emmett – she gets more than she bargained for. But will her past catch up with her before she can find true love in their arms? This book is available at Siren-Bookstrand and other distributors.

Book Two – Seducing The Chambermaid – goes back to the beginnings of the resort when mob bosses ruled Chicago and speakeasies were all the rage. This book takes place in 1936 and tells the story of the first two Nephilim to choose a mortal life – Leo and Andras. When newly hired chambermaid Blair is caught stealing jewelry from a guest, Leo and Andras make her pay off the debt in their beds. But Blair has a secret that might ruin their business and get her killed. This book will be released by Siren-Bookstrand on August 14 2012.

Book Three – Tempted By Two Angels – takes place in 1943. Caleigh has been hired to sing in the nightclub at Lilith’s Playground and seduces two of the owners, Hugh and Sterling. But Caleigh is used to running through men like water. Can she give her heart away to two men? This book is scheduled for release by Siren-Bookstrand on September 19 2012.

Book Four – Her Wanton Ways – takes place in 1952. Joelle has broken off her engagement to a social climbing politician from Chicago. While on a wild vacation at the resort, she falls for two of the owners – Blade and Cristian. But what happens when her ex-fiancé comes looking for her, and decides to target the resort to make a name for himself?

Book Five – Private Lessons – returns to contemporary times. Paige takes music lessons from two owners, Reeve and Niko, but gets instruction in more than chords and composition.

Book Six – Dangerous Desires – also takes place in contemporary times. Sofia is running from a crooked cop and answers an ad for a cocktail waitress at the resort, thinking it’s the perfect place to hide out. Demetrius and Gregory – the last two owners to remain Nephilim – will either save the resort at this woman’s hands, or ruin it when her ex catches up with her.

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