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Press Release: Haunted Heart by Carolyn Rosewood

Check out the latest from fellow author, Carolyn Rosewood.




Etopia Press

Rowena Sommers thought moving back home to restore her beloved Aunt’s home was the key to starting over. Van Whitney thought taking the job would keep his business afloat. When a ghost hunter tries to convince Rowena the home is haunted, can these two escape the past and find a future together?


She didn’t need Hollywood, or Brett Fontaine.

Rowena Sommers stuffed the latest issue of Celebrity back in the magazine rack, glancing around the Pilot gas station to see if anyone was watching. She sipped her coffee, fuming over the slant of the article.

Contrary to what the reporter said, her relationship with bad-boy leading man Brett Fontaine was in trouble long before she filed a libel suit against him for leaking her personal e-mails to the tabloids. The dumb-ass reporter should have checked the back issues, like the ones with candid photos of Brett and his female costars, taken every time he went on location. They ran right next to the stories with headlines like: Who’s Keeping Rowena Company While Brett Romps in Australia?

A woman in denim cutoffs and an Ohio State T-shirt plucked a copy of the magazine from the rack and glanced sideways, her eyes wide. “This is you. On the cover.”

Rowena studied the picture, taken on the steps of the Van Nuys courthouse three weeks ago. The day she won her lawsuit against Brett. The same day she found out her great-aunt Lunette had died. She’d trade twice the settlement amount to hear Aunt Loony’s voice again. “Yes. That’s me.”

Rowena took another sip of coffee as she tried to formulate an answer that didn’t involve telling this woman where she could stuff that magazine. Her cell chirped. Saved by the ring tone.

“I have to take this. Excuse me.” She headed for the counter as she opened the phone with her free hand. “Tricia, impeccable timing, as always. You just saved me from an inquisitive fan.”

“And judging by the sarcasm in your voice, I’m guessing you’ve seen this week’s Celebrity?”

She glanced back toward the magazine rack, where the woman and a teen dressed like Lady Gaga were reading the article out loud. “Yeah, I’ve seen it. And as if this day could get any worse, I’m forced to drink gas station coffee.”

Tricia laughed. “No Starbucks in Creek Ridge, Ohio?”

Her best friend’s voice reached across the miles, tugging at her heart. Had it been a huge mistake leaving LA? “God, I hope there’s still a Starbucks here.” She took another sip. “This is actually better than the brown goo they tried to serve me at the Holiday Inn Express this morning.”

“Have you been to Aunt Loony’s house yet?” asked Tricia.

Rowena swiped her credit card through the machine. “On my way now. I’ll call and let you know what the contractor said.”

Ohio State and Lady Gaga moved behind her in line, still talking about the article. Rowena’s fingers trembled as she put the card back in her wallet. She pushed past them without a glance. As she opened the door to the parking lot she heard one of them mutter something, but only caught the words “Hollywood” and “bitch.”

Wonderful. Back in town less than twenty-four hours and already someone thought she had an attitude. So much for believing the gossip wouldn’t follow her home.

She waited until she pulled out of the parking lot in her brand-spanking-new Infinity SUV before screaming. Dialing her iPod menu to Led Zeppelin, she turned up the volume, loud. Angry, frustrated, rebellious. Perfect.

The readers of Celebrity weren’t interested in the story behind the lawsuit. They didn’t care about the string of bullshit promises Brett had made. Or the callous way in which he’d trashed her costume design career and her industry contacts with a few keystrokes, all because she’d dared to issue him an ultimatum.

They only cared about two things: reading her personal e-mails, and how much money the Superior Court of Los Angeles had ordered him to pay her because of what he’d done.

They didn’t care why she was in Ohio, or that Aunt Loony was dead. Brett’s money wouldn’t bring her back. Fun and zany, she’d been dubbed Aunt Loony by Rowena’s father when he was a teen, and she’d loved Rowena and her five siblings as if they were her own.

Fresh grief mixed with anticipation. Willow Lane was less than two miles away. Would she be able to handle walking through Aunt Loony’s house, knowing she’d never see her warm smile again?

Spotting a cop parked in front of a strip mall, she braked. Just for good measure, she turned down the volume on Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. She could see the headlines now: Rowena Sommers Arrested for Speeding in Hometown!

The memories overwhelmed her when she turned onto Willow Lane. She’d spent almost as much time on this street as her own, two blocks over. It hadn’t changed in ten years. The oak tree in front of Traci Westphall’s house, where she used to hide from her older sister Emma, still had dead branches along one side. Two doors down, she half expected Bud Williams to materialize in his driveway, sweeping up leaves and twigs while he muttered about the damn, dirty trees.

The scent of roses, lavender, and freshly cut grass filled the air. May sunshine shimmered on the pavement. The smells evoked memories of the end of each school year, when the magic of summer stretched out endlessly. Summer vacation meant going barefoot, walking down by the railroad tracks, and staying outside after dark to catch lightning bugs.

She was home, ready to be part of this town again. To be with people who made her feel safe, wanted, and who didn’t measure their lives by the latest Nielson ratings or market shares.

But would they welcome her? Or had they read the tabloids while laughing at the girl voted Most Likely to Trip Over Her Own Shoelaces? She’d tripped all right, landing smack in the belly of the gossip machine.

The imposing Queen Anne at the end of the street, just before the entrance to Oak Park, rose into view. Despite the faded siding and missing shutters, the grandeur of the home still took her breath away. As her eyes settled on the four-story tower, she remembered summer nights in the second-floor bedroom, wishing she could live with Aunt Loony. Her own room, with no Emma harassing her or parents screaming at one of her brothers.

She slowed the car, turning off her iPod. Letting her gaze travel up to the top floor of the tower—the lookout point—she recalled her big brother Jake and his friends pretending they were pirates. Part of the game included the ability to see all the way to Cleveland, where ships from exotic places like Spain or China would pull into port, stuffed with treasure beyond imagination. She was usually stuck playing the kidnapped damsel in distress or a cabin boy. They’d ignored Emma when she repeatedly pointed out Lake Erie had never been plagued by pirates, nor had treasure ships sailed on the Great Lakes.

The trim lawn and pristine flower beds brought a smile to her face. Her little brother had actually kept a promise. If a contractor showed up, he’d have kept two. For Mike, that would be a record.

She raised her eyes to heaven. “Thank you for the house, Aunt Loony. I promise to take good care of it.” She could almost hear Aunt Loony’s hearty laugh and see the twinkle in her green eyes.

Her smile faded at the sight of a silver Mercedes parked in the driveway. If that belonged to the contractor, she was about to get ripped off.

She parked the SUV in front, then caught the hem of her favorite summer skirt in the door as she tried to make a graceful exit. She glanced toward the Mercedes. Too late. The driver’s side door was already open. Classy way to make a first impression, Rowena.

In the towering maple on the front lawn, a pair of robins started to chirp, probably about her clumsiness. She released her skirt then took a deep breath, turning to look at the man leaning against the Mercedes. Her mouth fell open as she scanned his face. It couldn’t be…

Vance Whitney—everyone calls me Van—belonged to the perfect, popular crowd of cheerleaders and jocks that had made her existence at Creek Ridge High a lesson in insignificance.

He crossed muscled arms over a forest green polo shirt that set off his luminous blue eyes, even at this distance. Broad shoulders tapered to a trim waist, and the khakis he wore accentuated his long legs. The same confident grin she remembered spread across his tanned face.

This is the contractor Mike called? No way. Not happening.

No matter how hot he still looked.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sales Update And A Thanks

I am please to announce that I have sold my second erotic romance to Siren Publishing. A Dirty Little Secret will be out this coming September. I am extremely pleased to work with Siren again.

I have also sold a short story to Secret Cravings Publishing. Forever Night will be out this December. This publisher is new for me, but I have heard nice things about them.

I'd also like to take the time to thank my readers. Thank you so much for buying my books, and giving a relatively new author a chance. It means much more than you could ever know.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Author Interview with Karenna Colcroft

X- Can you tell us about your journey to publication and where you draw your inspiration from?

K- My journey to publication was a long one. I’ve been writing since I was five years old, and even back then I knew I wanted to be published someday. When I was in college, and again shortly after I graduated, I submitted a YA novel, but got rejected. For several years, I gave up trying to be published and even gave up writing for a little while.

In 2004, I started writing again, and ended up with some YA novels that I thought were publishable, and were much better than what I’d written when I was younger. Then, in 2006, a friend challenged me to use my writing therapeutically to show myself that sex could be something positive and beautiful. The first scene I wrote came out better than I’d thought I could do, and I kept going with it. For a while, I posted my stories on a free story site, but then someone from that site started an erotica/erotic romance e-publisher, and I got a contract from them. My first e-book came out in March, 2009. And the first scene I wrote, back in 2006, is now part of my novel Eternal Love.

I don’t know where I draw my inspiration from, to be honest. Sometimes I use my husband to inspire me, but mostly the ideas just show up on their own.

X- What’s the best advice you can offer a newbie writing hoping to publish?

K- Don’t give up. Some authors receive enough rejections to wallpaper their office! Just keep trying, polish your work, and learn from any rejections you receive, especially if they come with personal comments. Also, find a beta reader or critique partner to help make sure your work is really ready for publication.

X- Tell us about your newest release.

K- My recent release is Reflected Love, part of the Spellbound Treasure line of novellas from Pink Petal Books. Spellbound Treasure is about Etienne, a mysterious woman who runs a shop (sometimes a peddler’s tent, sometimes a website, sometimes an actual store) that sells magical items that bring together soul mates. In my novella, Ralie, a human woman, and Listrial, a Fae soldier, are brought together by a magical mirror each has purchased from Etienne. It’s available at Pink Petal Books. I have a few other releases coming out this summer, so stay tuned!

X- What’s your favourite dessert?

K- Ice cream with hot fudge sauce.

X- If you could return to one moment in time, which would it be?

K- My wedding to my current husband. I was so nervous and excited that the ceremony passed in a blur, and the only things I can remember of it now are the look in his eyes when he saw me in my wedding gown, and my then-14-year-old daughter bursting into tears and being comforted by her 11-year-old sister.

X- If you had one wish, what would it be?

K- Owning a house, rather than renting, with a separate office for me and lots and lots of storage space. And a yard for my younger daughter, who loves to be outside.

X- What’s the one thing that most people don’t know about you?

K- Five years ago, I could barely even say the word “sex,” let alone some of the other terms that go along with it.

X- In ten years where do you hope to be in life?

K- I hope to have at least one book with a big-name publisher, as well as continuing to write for the publishers I work with now. I hope to own the aforementioned house, and in ten years I might have at least one grandchild to visit me there.

X- What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

K- Salad on the Side, an M/M shifter novel from MLR Press. Kyle Slidell, a vegan and recent transplant to Boston, has a crush on his neighbor Tobias Rogan. When Kyle is attacked one night, the truth is revealed: all of his neighbors are werewolves, and Tobias is the pack Alpha. That will be out in June, most likely.

I also have an MFM contemporary romance coming from Passion in Print Press. The title is Shiny Objects. Elena is happy living with her boyfriend Corin, until her former lover Niko returns to her life. She loves both men, but can she have them both? The release is scheduled tentatively for August.

Finally, with a currently undetermined release date, I have an erotic contemporary novella titled Forever with Benefits, which will be coming from Ellora’s Cave. Haylie Betancourt couldn’t wait to leave her hometown after high school. Ten years later, she’s returned due to circumstances beyond her control. When she runs into her high school crush Will Shaw, she sees an opportunity for some fun. But will friends-with-benefits really be enough for them?

I keep my website up to date with current and upcoming releases, works in progress, and current reviews and appearances (though I admit I’m a little behind on that last one…). I also have a blog on that site, which has a new post each day. You can also find me on my website, and Facebook.

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Adam Slade Talks About A Grim Pact

X- Tell us about A Grim Pact and the idea behind it.

A – A Grim Pact is a story about a Grim Reaper, Mal, who takes it upon himself to stop a serial killer from killing demons, while trying not to be killed himself. At the same time, his boss, Death, has woke from his slumber, throwing Mal’s workplace into a frenzy of interviews and forms. Mal can’t decide which is worse; the killings, or paperwork.

X- This is the second book in a series, but can be read alone. What will we find in the second book that we didn’t in the first? How has Mal evolved?

A – The events in this book begin the morning after the events of the first book. As such, Mal hasn’t had time to do much evolving. He has a girlfriend now, though, in the form of one of his ex ‘bosses’, Xyla. He hasn’t dated in quite some time, so it takes some getting used to.

X- Xyla is an interesting character. Can you tell us more about her and where she came from?

A – Xyla is a succubus, a demon borne of hellfire and lust. She’s ages old (I’m keeping her exact age a secret for now), and like all of her race, she was born in Hell. That doesn’t make her a bad person though! She served as one of Mal’s bosses for several years, and was fired when she broke a few rules to help Mal out of a dire situation.

Xyla is one of my favourite characters. She’s very laid back for the most part, but is quite the adversary when pissed off. She’s also telepathic, which makes for some fun conversations about Mal’s improper thoughts.

X- You decided to self-publish this one. That must have been a lot of hard work. What led you to make this decision?

A – Curiosity and impatience, mostly. The first book had already been out for a year by the time I’d edited the second, and I knew that it would take another year before it was released if I went through a publisher. So I started looking into self-publishing instead.

It wasn’t an easy decision, and it wasn’t easy work some of the time, but I’m glad I did it, if only for the experience.

X- What will we see from Adam Slade next?

A – There will be a third book in this series, but it won’t be any time soon. I’m also working on a new urban fantasy project that I hope will have potential for a series. I also write romance under a pen name, and have a few irons in the fire there, too. :)

Adam's Blog

X- Thanks, Adam.

If you like well written UF, this is a great read and at 99 cents, a steal!

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Release day for Menage on the Prairie Menage on the Prairie(MMF) is out today from Siren Publishing! I'm excited about this one!

For excepts check out the link. You can also buy it onsite for a discount! It releases to third party sites in about a month.

Blurb: [Ménage and More: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M]

Socialite Kate Summers is eager to rid herself of the past, but when she replies to Joe Ryder's ad for a mail-order bride, she gets much more than she could have ever bargained for.

Joe Ryder is a man to be reckoned with. When scandal threatens to ruin the quiet life he has shared with his friend and lover, Ryan Starke, he devises a plan to make the townsfolk stop their idle tongues.

A mail-order bride is sought and soon found in Kate.

Unfortunately, Ryan isn't too accepting of Kate. Her very presence threatens the only life he has ever known, along with his love for Joe. After Kate finds out the real reason she was asked to come to marry Joe, she feels betrayed.

Can the three come to an agreement that will benefit all?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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The Short Story Dilemma

Dilemma is the key word in this blog post.

So far in my writing career I have written mostly short stories and novellas. Is this by choice? Yes.

I like the length and while I do write full length novels, I like the fact that I don't restrict myself.

I have been given bad reviews based on length. This is something that I totally don't get. If you have something against short works, then don't buy them. Obviously you can only do so much with a limited amount of words, yet I do try to get the whole story in there the best I can.

How do you do this, some may ask? I start at the meat of the story. I like lots of conflict, that's what interests a reader. And there is nothing worst than reading something where nothing happens.

This is a partial rant because some tend to think a writer is lazy for writing shorter works. But I will tell you straight up that I put my best into ANYTHING that I write, short or long.

In the end it comes down to me and my readers. But to the people who have a gripe with length, don't buy it. It's simple. It's the same as the people who have issue with sexual content. It really is that simple.

Rant over,


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A Grim Pact by Adam Slade

Shameless plug:

My fiance just released his latest urban fantasy novel, A Grim Pact. It's up on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents!

If you like humour mixed with great characters and story lines. Grab this one. Thanks :)

Some Grim Reapers just can't get a break.

'As well as nursing a broken leg from the last person who tried to kill him, Mal is trying to track down the serial killer who's offing demons on his patch. And it seems like one of his friends knows more than he's letting on.

On top of that, Death, Mal's boss, is awake after decades of slumber. Which means yet another challenge to face.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Author Interview with Shyla Colt

V- Tell us about your most current release and what inspired you to write it?

S- Don’t Fear the Reaper is a romance novella about love and redemption mixed with a bit of humor and a ton of adventure. When my lead female Brea is killed her guardian angel Nox is unable to leave her to face an eternity in hell. So he strikes a deal with Azrael the angel of death for the future of her soul. Offered a job as reaper Brea is given the opportunity to redeem herself. But Nox proves to be a temptation she is unable to resist.

This book concept started with me thinking about faith and redemption. I wanted to do a romance story that was centered on both. I had Brea’s character sketched out, and knew I wanted her to be offered the job of Reaper. But it was when I saw a picture of Zachary Quinto that all the pieces fell into place. There’s something about him that strikes me as regal, and angelic, yet slightly mischievous.

Coming Soon!

V- When did you start writing, and what was your road to publication like? Do you have any advice for new writers starting out?

S- I always loved to read, but I would say I really got into writing when I was thirteen. I discovered L.J. Smith’s world of paranormal romance for teens and my imagination took over. I had always been a fan of horror movies, but the concept of the 'Monster' being a love interest, and more human than we imagined had never occurred to me. I spent years sketching out plots and characters, honing my writing skills, and gaining the confidence to actually submit. When I turned 30 this year, I knew it was time to put my work out there and see what response I received. Amazingly, Evernight took a chance on me right out the gate. So in that aspect I was very blessed.

My advice to new writers would be write what you love, read as much as possible, and put your work out there. At first with a trusted friend who will tell you what areas you need to work on, and then to the professionals. Because you never know until you try.

V- What other things interest you besides writing?

S- I like to read, travel, listen to music, and be crafty.

V- What are you currently reading and what books can be found in your to-be-read pile?

S- Right now I’m reading Designed For love By Yvette Hines with Fragile by Shara Azod, and the Taste of Blood on my wish list for later.

V- If you could relive one moment in time, which one would it be?

S- Oh wow, that’s a tough one. I would say any time during my senior year of college. It was an amazing time in my life I often recall fondly.

V- Name one item you cannot do without in life and why.

S- My Android phone, it pretty much does it all and keeps me connected to everyone

V- What’s your favourite flower?

S- Peony

V- What’s your ultimate indulgence?

S- Travel. With my hubby being a member of the marine core seeing friends and family is few and far inbetween . So any time I get to travel is amazing.

V- What can we expect to see from you in the future?

S- Well right now my first published work Don’t Fear The Reaper is due out at Evernight Publising in August.

V- Thank you, Shyla. I wish you the best of luck with your writing career, and I look forward to your release in August.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Author Interview with Elizabeth Raines

Hi Elizabeth, and welcome to Write Outside the Box.

V- Tell us about your most current release and what inspired you to write it?

E- I actually have two releases in June. The first volume of The Sextet Anthologies is called Sharing and releases on June 3rd. The second is the fourth books in my Wicked Missions series, and the title is Sold. It premieres on June 20th. I think Sold is my personal favorite of the whole series.

The Sextet is a group of my friends who are all fantastic writers. We went out to eat in Orlando at last year’s RWA National Conference, and over a pitcher of sangria, we started talking about fun projects we’d do if we ever had the time. I mentioned that I wanted to write an anthology of erotic stories based on themes if I ever had the spare time. I jokingly suggested that since spare time is a valuable and very limited commodity in my life, perhaps they would like to contribute stories and we could release anthologies together. Everything kind of snowballed from there. By the time we left Orlando, we’d planned out three volumes. My Siren editor was thrilled with the ideas, and she’s willing to look at any anthology we send her now. Currently, we have eight planned, and they’ll release one a month from Siren, starting with Sharing in June.

The Wicked Missions series was simply for fun. I’ve written paranormal romance under my other pen name, but I’d never written science fiction. I wrote Locked In: Wicked Missions 1 as a lark, hoping my critique partner, Cheryl Brooks, could give me an idea of whether it was any good and if I should keep developing the series. She’s well known for her Cat Star Chronicles erotic sci-fi series, so I knew she would let me know if my sci-fi worked. When she gave me the thumbs up, I sent it to Siren. My publisher loved the book. Since then, she’s contracted seven Wicked Missions books!

Coming Soon!

V- When did you start writing and what was your road to publication like? Do you have any advice for new writers starting out?

E- I started writing six years ago for fun, never really intending to publish. I got fantastic feedback from the friends who read my stories, so I started sending them out to agents and editors. I was thrilled to sell my first book three years ago, and since then, I’ve published six mainstream romances. I’ve also signed with an agent for my mainstream stories. My erotica career has happened so quickly, my head is still spinning. I wrote Locked In in November, and now I’m churning out Wicked Missions stories as well as Sextet stories and trying to keep up with deadlines.

The best advice I can give to writers is to constantly strive to improve. I might be published, but I still take classes in the craft, and I still get as much feedback on my work as I can from critique partners and beta readers to make my writing better. You have to give a quality product to your readers, and you can only do that by being a lifelong learner.

V- What other things interest you besides writing?

E- I love reading, and it doesn’t matter which genre. I’ll dig through anything from Stephen King to Julie Garwood.

My husband and I also like to watch horseracing. We go to off-track-betting sometimes, take twenty bucks each, and see who comes out ahead at the end of the night.

V- What are you currently reading and what books can be found in your to-be-read pile?

E- I just bought Paula Quinn’s Tamed by the Highlander. I love everything she writes! In my TBR pile right now are Hannah Howell’s If He’s Dangerous and Highland Protector, Jackie Kessler’s Hunger, and Sofia Hunt’s The First Bride.

V- If you could relive one moment in time, which one would it be?

E- What an amazing question! I’ve had so many wonderful moments in my life, but to go back to my wedding again would be heavenly. I was such a bundle of nerves that day, and so very young! I’d like to see it through my eyes now after nearly thirty years of marriage.

V- Name one item you cannot do without in life and why.

E- My laptop! I’d die if I had to write everything longhand. I have arthritis in both hands, and the notion of not being able to write because I couldn’t handle the pain of holding a pen that long makes me incredibly sad.

V- What’s your favourite flower?

E- I love lilacs. I have a beautiful Hungarian lilac bush outside my kitchen window. In the spring, the scent drifts through the window, and it always makes me happy.

V- What’s your ultimate indulgence?

E- Giving up time with people so that I can write. I always feel a bit selfish, but I’ve learned that I have to write, even if it means not spending as much time as I should with the people I love.

V- What can we expect to see from you in the future?

E- In July, I’ll be releasing two more Wicked Mission stories—Wanted and Captivated—and another of The Sextet AnthologiesDirty Dancing. You can always keep up with me on my websites

I’m also planning a new paranormal series for Siren, hopefully being able to release the first five books sometime this autumn.

V- Once again, thanks for taking the time to be interviewed here. I look forward to your new releases.

Elizabeth can be reached on the web at the following places: Website Sextet Website and Siren-Bookstrand.

E- Thanks so much for having me!

V- If you would like to reach Elizabeth, to send her fan mail, you can do so at the following: Email

Friday, June 3, 2011

Menage on the Prairie Pre-ordering

You can now pre-order Menage on the Prairie on Siren-Bookstrand. Yay! For a limited time, it's being offered at a 10% discount.

Out Today

Adelaide's War is out today. If you like sweet romance, this one is for you. It's available on Evernight's site for a discount in all formats, Amazon Kindle, All Romance, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Bookstrand.

 Product Description:

Isolation has become Adelaide Warren's solace. She lives far from civilization, up in the hills of West Virginia, after the end of the Civil War and the death of her husband. When Josiah Hamilton finds his way to her doorstep, nearly frozen to death one stormy winter night, she nurses him back to life.

They form a fast friendship, which soon becomes more. When Josiah professes his love for her, she refutes him. But when tragedy strikes, it’s Josiah who comes to her rescue. Now, Adelaide is forced to confront her love for him which she has both denied and hidden.

A proposal is made. Will she accept him? If she does, what does that mean for her future?


Adelaide was outside, chopping kindling when she first spotted Josiah off in the distance. Her heart leapt and that feeling startled her. He was nothing more than a stranger, and no more than a friend at most. Yet, she was overjoyed at his impending presence.

How silly, she thought. I’m a grown woman, not some girl set about waiting for a beau to court her. That part of her life had long since passed and was buried and gone along with James. Or was it?

“What brings you out this way?” she asked, upon his approach, doing her best to maintain calm and collected. Just the slightest hint of coyness tinged her voice.

“I was passing through, and I thought I’d stop in,” he said, with an added grin.

“How’s the farm?”

“It’s been good. This spring, planting will take a lot of work and of course the fall harvest. This isn’t our busiest time of year. And yourself?”

“I’m pretty good,” she replied. “Trapper Marg was around to trade some rabbits for my jam. She’s around quite often when making her runs. Other than that, it’s quiet as expected. Just the way I like it.”

Adelaide motioned to the cabin. “There’s coffee and fresh buns, if you’re interested. It beats standing out here in the cold.”

“Sound good,” he replied. “Lead on.”

She poured coffee and set a plate of buns on the table before taking her seat across from Josiah.

“I couldn’t help but notice the rifle next to the door. Are you nervous being here alone? Is that why you keep it close?”

“Josiah,” she started. “I don’t kid myself about the realities of this world. And yes, I am a woman alone. This may not be the best place for me, but it’s home. Where else would I go? Town isn’t an option. I can hardly bear going there for supplies when I have to.”

“I know about James,” he said. “And the talk. Don’t let them get to you. A house in town might be better for you.” He reached across the table and grabbed her hand. “I’m concerned.”

“You’re bold. What they say about James isn’t true. I know it and I shouldn’t have to defend him to anyone.”

“You don’t have to. Not to me, Adelaide.”

She resisted the urge to pull away from him, to ask him to leave. He forced her into a most uncomfortable situation, and she wasn’t quite sure how to react.

“I’m fine here. This cabin suits me fine. I’ve done so now for almost two years with no troubles. Besides, I wouldn’t fit in with…them. No, this is my home. This is where I’m meant to be.”

“In time, they would accept you.”

“They wouldn’t. They talk, they gossip and they say things…terrible things. I don’t want any part of that, ever.” She snatched her hand from his, her eyes falling to her cup.


She didn’t dare look at him. Tears clouded her vision. How dare he bring this emotion out in her?

“You know about James.”

“Yes,” he said, with a nod.

“If it had been true, surely I wouldn’t have received the letter I did after his death from the army.”

“Would you allow me to see this letter?”

Adelaide went to the trunk at the end of the bed to fetch it. “It states that he died with honor. With honor and no disgrace. Why would they say that if it wasn’t true?”

She watched him read the letter, his lips moving silently with each word. He then folded it and handed it back to her. “Don’t believe the gossip. You need no more assurance than that letter. It’s gold and the truth. Understand?”

She did. “I never doubted it for one minute.”

“Nor should you. He was a honorable man who did his duty.”

Adelaide returned the letter to its respectable place inside the trunk and when she turned around, Josiah was behind her.

He reached out with one hand and wiped tears from her cheek, pulling her to him in a most warm embrace.

Denial and guilt overwhelmed her. It felt natural and good, yet she knew it wasn’t proper conduct for a widow. “This isn’t right,” she said, her hand pushing against his strong chest.

“I keep thinking about you,” he muttered. “Straight from the moment when I left, and I don’t know why. You‘re always in my thoughts.”

“Josiah, it was an emotional time. It was Christmas, and you almost died. It’s expected, but let’s not confuse our feelings. You’re fine now. We’re friends and nothing more.” She did a good job trying to convince him, but wasn’t entirely convinced herself.

“Friends,” he said the word as if pondering its true meaning. “What if I’m feeling something different, something more?”

Freeing herself from him, she put a small distance between them. “I’m not ready for anything more. I may never be ready.”

“Do you feel anything for me? Your words say one thing, but I think your eyes say something different.”

“I do. It’s friendship.” She bit her tongue on that falsehood. “Friendship is all I can offer you at this time.”

“I understand. If I offended you with being so forward, I apologize. It was never my intention.” Josiah turned and walked out of the cabin, leaving her feeling very much alone.

Author Interview with Karyn Gerrard

V- What was your journey into publication like, and where do you get your inspiration?

K- It was a quick journey, maybe too quick! Timeless Heart was the first novella I ever submitted to e-book publishers and Evernight offered me a contract almost immediately. A lot of luck there, as luck plays a big part in getting published.

Considering I am a voracious reader, I only started reading romance in a big way about 4 years ago, My first effort and only other submission, a historical romance, was rejected by a print publisher 3 years ago, but I kept writing! Glad I did.

I am inspired everyday by every romance writer I come in contact with, what a generous, support group. Romance readers are the best as well, inspires me to keep writing.

V- What’s your most current release and what can we expect to see from you in the near future?

K- My current release is my only release at the moment, TIMELESS HEART ♥. I am working on a couple of erotica/paranormal novellas which I just finished yesterday! Now comes the editing. Crossing fingers I am not just a one-pubbed wonder.

V- What words of wisdom do you have for writers just starting their journey?

K- What I said above, keep writing. And submit your work, you never know when a story may just be that story an editor is looking for at that particular moment. Hence the luck I mentioned. Writing can be very solitary, I encourage finding like minded people and connect, whether on Facebook, Twitter, writing forums, blogs or where ever you feel comfortable at. I met some wonderful people who stepped up to the plate to help promote my debut effort, and in other ways to numerous to mention. Get your name out there before you even submit, believe me, it will pay off.

V- Self-publishing has come up so often lately in the media both online and off, what’s your views?

K- Since I am basically a lazy cow, I can't see me ever self-pubbing. Too much work. That may change down the road, but for now? No. I have tons of admiration for anyone going this route, it is a lot of work, and it is really the only reason I am not interested. Yep, lazy.

The view on self-pubbing has changed, it used to be called vanity publishing when you spent big dollars of your own to have a book printed, but thanks to digital, that has all changed. It is certainly made the field more competitive, and that is a good thing. If it gets people reading AND buying more books, either print or digital, it is all to the good.

V- If I were to look at the current books you’re reading, which titles would I find?

K- I am reading a few ARCS for reviews. I love historical romance. I'm reading Jennifer Haymore's Confessions of an Improper Bride. So far, loving it! Also love paranormals, have Kerrelyn Sparks' Vampire Mine next in the TBR pile.

V- What’s the one thing in the world that you cannot live without?

K- My satellite dish, so I can see every Red Sox game! Also my Ipod touch, you would have to pry that out of my cold dead hand!

V- If you could have one wish, what would it be and why?

K- Wow, I could give the standard 'world peace' answer, but I will be more selfish. Good health and long life for me, and all my loved ones.

V- Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

K- Still writing, still watching the Red Sox, and hopefully still content with my life.

Thanks everyone who has been so supportive for my debut effort! It is really, really appreciated
V- Sounds great! And thank you, Karyn, for allowing me to interview and learn more about your writing career.

Karyn can be found online at the following links:

Review Site