Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day 2010

It's Canada Day here and I am happy to say I'm sharing it with my muffin(Adam). Finally after eight months of online romance, we are together, face to face.
They weather is ok, so we'll get out and about to see some of the sights here.
Do you have any special Canada Day plans or any for the Fourth of July?


  1. Hope you and Adam have a wonderful time together!

    My husband and I were married on Canada Day - it's kind of nice that the whole country celebrates our anniversary with us. :-)

    Our daughter just got married last year- on the American holiday, so we have double the reason to celebrate now.

  2. So far all has been great.It sucks that now, in less than two weeks Adam has to go back.

  3. *Happy dance*

    Love being with you, sweetheart! Not looking forward to going either. :(