Saturday, July 10, 2010

Books and Things

Myself and Adam took a trip to the local Chapters Bookstore. I was delighted to see many a Awer's books on the shelves. This lead me to wonder what it would be like to see my own on display.

It's a dream that's for sure and a goal I have set for myself. I've taken some time away from writing since Adam is here for only two weeks. When he heads back, I plan on becoming more motivated to reach said goal.

How do you stay motivated with writing or anything of importance in your life?

I've also included some pics of the Awer's books that we found at Chapters, that alone provides me with great motivation.


  1. Bah, how did I not comment on this? I was sat beside you when you wrote it!


    It's soppy, but my biggest motivator these days is you. You believe in me so much that I refuse to fail you. :-)

    Non-soppy reply - The money. Totally. ;)


  2. It's because you are a great writer and I have faith that you will succeed.