Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So much has happened over the past year and when I sit and reflect on everything, I can honestly say that I am pleased for the most part with my life.

I got married to the one love of my life and that was definitely the biggest moment for me of 2011. I love you with all my heart, Adam. And I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. You are my constant support, my rock in life, and I love you for everything you are.

Christmas was great! It was quiet and I had many days off from work which was a surprise.

I've been thinking about the coming year and how I want to change some things in my life. My goals are as follows:

-To become more healthy. I want to start back at the gym and I need to eat right again.
-To not take life so seriously. I often stress about so many things. I need to realize that nothing's perfect in life and that's okay.
-I plan on taking my writing in another direction. My focus will no longer be on erotica. I want to break into the mainstream romance and literary world. I do have a sub with Harlequin and I plan on sending them something else. I also have another big publisher in mind to sub.

I will still write erotica. I won't be giving it up completely, but it won't be my primary focus.

I have a literary novel started and I plan on finishing that and subbing it to an agent. It's a risk I feel I need and want to take.

So, that's my plans for the near future in a nutshell. How about you?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Hop: Day 7

Another Stocking has been removed and it's my turn to tell you about my story in this great holiday anthology!

My story is Promises!

Blurb: 'Leda James is a woman on the verge of losing it due to her distaste of the upcoming holiday season. Sadly, being a professional baker, avoiding Christmas alltogether is totally out of the question.

When her hot and hunky Italian assistant, Joey offers her a chance to spend Christmas Eve with him and his family, she is fast to turn him down even though she secretly lusts after him.

In a matter of hours they find themselves stranded due to a fast approaching winter storm. Joey is forced to spend the night at her upstairs apartment. Sparks fly, clothing comes off, and in the end she's left to question everything she'd thought was perfect about her life.

There's a storm raging not only outside, but also within her. And when the morning comes, she's not sure if she'll be able to ride either of them out.'

Excerpt: Joey shifted the van into low gear and crossed his fingers that he’d make it back alright. And when he spotted the bakery in the near distance through the fast falling snow, he heaved a huge sigh of relief.

            “Have you seen what it’s like out there?” he asked, walking into the bakery. “And it’s only going to get worse overnight, so says the radio.”

            “I sent Kendra home early so she could avoid it. It looks like I did the right thing. You can go too.”

            “In this? I barely made it back here. I’m not going anywhere yet.” He pulled off his jacket and went to the supply room to hang it up. When he came back, Leda was leaning on the countertop staring off into space. He didn’t think she even noticed he was there. “So, what else needs to be done?”

            “Just the clean-up. I doubt we’ll be seeing any more customers in here tonight.”

            “Not if they’re smart.” He looked to the kitchen. “I’ll get to work.”

            “I’ll be in a moment.”

* * * *

            There wasn’t much to clean. As usual Kendra has taken care of most of it as she worked. And after the bulk had been cleaned up, Joey washed down the surfaces while Leda took care of the front end of the store, removing day old baked good from the display counters.

            “What a waste,” she said, carrying a load back into the kitchen. “It’s a shame to dump it. Take some of it home with you.”

            “Home? You’re kidding. Visibility is near zero out there. This is going to last all night and into tomorrow morning.”

            “You can’t sleep here,” she said. She had a small apartment located up over the shop. She could invite him to stay the night with her. Her pulse quickened thinking about taking Joey into her personal space. “You can stay upstairs with me. That’s the only sensible solution to this. The couch is reasonably comfy.”

            “Thanks. I appreciate that, Leda.” He did sound appreciative, and the way he looked at her as he spoke her name, well, she had to force her mind to other things then ravishing him right then and there.

            “It’s not a problem. I’d do it for just about anyone.”

            He smirked. “Well thank you for making me feel special. And to think, I thought I was the only one.”

            “Funny guy.” Leda smirked “Let’s finish up down here and get the heck out of dodge.”

This was a fun story to write and I hope you enjoy reading it! Happy Holidays!

Next up in the blog hop: Kelly Yeakle

Friday, December 2, 2011

Win Free Stuff From Ashlynn Monroe

From Ashlynn:

I'm thankful to so many people this year. It's been a great year for me as an author. I've been very lucky to learn from wonderful editors who've improved my knowledge of the craft I adore. Writing is in my blood. I've had so many wonderful readers reach out to me. It's wonderful when someone tells you that your work has touched them. In thanks, I want to give away goodies during the holiday season. I'm going to be giving away audio books, tote bags, t-shirts, and eBooks. Like me on facebook, Ashlynn Monroe Author, to keep up with the giveaways. 

I have three new releases in December. A Healer’s Touch from Wild Horse Press, Salvation book three in my Vengeance series from Decadent Publishing, and A Daddy for Christmas from Silver publishing will all be available throughout December. I’m looking forward to readers enjoying these books. 

A Daddy for Christmas:

When Charlie St. Claire became the caseworker for three, terrified little boys, she didn’t mean to let herself love them. But she did. The boys had unique issues, but with her typical, positive attitude, she wanted to give them a better life.

Richmond Wolfe hadn’t seen his sons in years. He couldn’t help what he’d become, but he’d tried to protect his children by leaving. Now some city girl do-gooder wanted his kids. He wouldn't give them up, not to her or anyone. He loved them that much.

Charlie soon discovers Richmond’s terrible secret and it puts her and the boys in danger. Her burgeoning feelings for the hunky outdoorsman fill her with confusion… and something more. Maybe her boys could use a daddy for Christmas.

A Healer’s Touch:

As if being a young single mother wasn't challenging enough, Phoebe is also the last adult descendant of the witch that cursed Willow Lake in response to her betrayal and murder. Phoebe inherited the family curse, but with love and compassion, she uses her magic for healing.

Fabian Sterling likes money, he likes power, and he likes Phoebe. He's also the ancestor of the man who burned Phoebe's witch ancestor at the stake. Can passion overcome a grudge that's lasted for centuries? When he looks at Phoebe, he doesn’t see a witch, only an angel. How can anyone so beautiful be reviled by an entire town? Fabian vows to protect her, whatever the cost.


Audra Jacobs finds herself alone and uncertain. Her overwhelming power is keeping her from her family, and her lover. The mysterious Phoenix has told her things that she can’t believe are true about her new power. She was brought back from the dead for a reason; she just doesn’t fully know what it is yet. How can she be a hero when her life is falling apart? Could she even accept being normal again if she’s given the chance?

Cain Maddox loves Audra; the demon living inside of him loves her too. The Phoenix living inside of her wants to keep them apart, but he’s determined to save her—again. When a higher power gives him an ultimatum, he has to choose between Audra and his freedom. Their enemy is closing in, and hurting the innocent people who love her. Whom can a hero call when he needs a hero? How can Cain keep her safe when he can’t even touch her?

Buy book one Vengeance:

Buy book two Retribution: http://www.decadentpublishing.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=66&products_id=250&osCsid=6c1232251c1e45744bd0b3ee7262f414

I hope you’ll check out these books, and take part in the giveaways. Comment here to win a 2012 calendar, emery boards, magnets and other fun swag today! I’ll contact the winner and request the physical address to send the goodies. I hope you have safe and happy holiday.