Monday, October 25, 2010

Would You?

Would you continue to write if you knew you would never get published?

This question was asked of me the other day and It made me think. I'm interested to know the opinions of others on this question.


  1. I'd still write, even if I was the only one who'd ever read it. :-)

    Now that I've started, I can't stop. :D


  2. Tricky question! But yes, I would :)

  3. Yes, I definitely would.

    Technically, I've been writing for years under the assumption I'll never get published. It's hard to get published when you don't submit.:-)

  4. I doubt I'd write any full-length manuscripts if I knew there was no chance they'd ever get published. But I'd still write short stories for contests, and I'd definitely keep writing my blog.

  5. Yes, I would. When I wrote my first novel, I wrote it as a dare and only for my family to read. Years later, I submitted my manuscript and it got published.

  6. Yes. I love my stories. Even if no one else would ever see them, I'd still write. I love getting lost in my characters and can't imagine how else I would spend my days. :)