Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Edits

Wow! It's hard to think that Novemeber is here already, and that next month we will fast be coming into the holiday season.

I received my first round of edits and it wasn't that bad. Mainly, I just had to make some minor changes. I agreed with all of them, except for one and that one wasn't that important. Round two should come within the next week or two. That should be interesting.

I did have issue with using the whole 'track changes' thingie. It did work and I managed it, but after saving the finished document, the editor's comments along with the ones that I made disapeared. Have any of you experienced this? *shrugs* Maybe I am doing something wrong...

What's your experience been like with editing with an editor? I'm curious to know :)


  1. I really appreciated where my editor asked me to expand some scenes. I felt it really added to the book. Some editing was priceless - it helped me edit my other books that are waiting to be submitted. Other changes had me cussing. "Um no. I think not." I didn't like some added "fluff" she was trying to put in. They weren't my words & I didn't allow it. I was glad they didn't force those changes. "You can tell me what you want - you can't write in the sentence."
    Glad your edits are going well. I never had the track changes thing happen... sorry. :/

  2. June- How were the edits sent to you?

  3. Ack, 2 birthdays and Christmas coming, and here's me broke! :-P

    Both my editors used the same system as yours (track changes and comments), and I have had that disappearing comment thing happen a few times. It's worse than infuriating. :(

    I have to say that I learnt more from my first edit than at any other time in my writing (other than the very start). I also stressed more then than at any other time lol ;)


    PS - You're a cutie. ;)

  4. It is a learning experience that's for sure.

    Love ya Adam LOL

    For those who don't know, Adam is my fiance.

  5. Your SEXY fiance, you mean. ;)



  6. I wouldn't know about the editing thing, having not yet finished that particular marathon. I'm sure whatever you've done is fine--and if it's not, you'll be told how to do it right next time (at which point you'll be an old hat at it and not nervous anymore).