Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to conduct yourself as a writer...

This topic came up on a forum I frequent. So, I thought I'd ask the question here.

Do you think it matters as a writer how you conduct yourself both online and with the public in general?

Personally I say yes. If you act like a nasty ass**** it turns me off, not only from you just as a person but also as a writer. I won't be buying your books nor will I be telling anyone else to do so. It may also affect future sales too if your behaviour becomes public knowledge etc...

I may be wrong, but it's how I feel. This has long been a hot topic for me. So again, what's your opinion?


  1. I agree. There are probably ten or twenty authors I won't buy because of this.

    Also, I won't buy books from authors who are vocally against certain genres (ie, those who proclaim genre to be rubbish).


  2. I'm the same way. You could be the most fabulous writer in the world, but if you're a complete jerk -- and especially if you act that way in public -- I won't buy or read your books.

  3. Since I'm currently writing kid-lit and I visit schools and libraries, I feel compelled to set a good example for my readers.