Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pen Names, Yes or No?

As you may know, I've recently sold a historical romance novella.
It will be released under a pen name. I decided to use a pen name because I write in three genres and I want to keep each very seperate from the other.
What's your thoughts on pen names? Do you or would you use one?


  1. I'm using them, mostly for the readers' benefit. I'm writing in three genres as well, and though I gave up trying to keep mine secret (because I suck at that), I'm still going to use them so my romance readers don't get mad when they accidentally pick up a thriller/horror, and those who can handle the heat in my rom suspense don't get a serious shock at the material in my erotica. It's just an easy way of keeping things separate, IMO.

    It is a lot of work I completely understand why others don't bother.

  2. Since I have yet to be published in the other genres, I am not sure what names I will use. I've been thinking for literary fiction it will be my own name and for horror R.G. Randell.

    And I agree. It does keep things more seperate.

  3. When you're writing in multiple genres, I believe that using a pen name is helpful. It can also get confusing, so I can understand why some people would not bother. But if I ever get published, I will probably use a pen name, because I also write in several genres.

    Is that about as clear as mud?


  4. At the moment I'm using my name (well, my middle name), but if I was to branch into other genres, I'd probably use one too, for the same reasons as you and others have given. :-)


  5. I use either my first and last name or my initials and last name for my flash fiction, poetry, and romance writing. I do have a pen-name picked out for when I branch out into erotica, but I haven't yet. If I branch out further, I'll probably come up with and additional pen name.:-)

  6. I always said I would - then didn't. My aunt talked me out of it & I'm really wishing I used one. Think about it before it's in print & can't be changed :/

  7. So far, I think pen names are right for me. I like my privacy and since my real name is rather unique, I don't always want to be identified with everything I write. Does that make sense?

    June, you could always use one for any books you publish from here onward.

  8. I use one, but it's not that different. I keep my own surname and use just half of my first name. I didn't want to change my name entirely, but at the same time wanted to keep my writing seperate from my my 'regular' working life. I write chick-lit, but someday plan on writing in other genres, in which case I'll use a totally new pen name (and I have one at the ready!)