Monday, October 10, 2011

My First Year

It's been one year since I subbed my first story. Over the past year I have learned so much about many things both writing related and non. It's truly been a journey of sorts and I think I am better off for having the experiences that I have had thus far.

Being published had had it's ups and downs. Some of my works have sold much better than others. I have learned that in the e romance and erotica market some things sell better than others. I have also learned to be wary of certain publishers. It's been like a maze to navigate through all this information since it's tossed at you from every which way possible. Many of you know this and I'm sure have had your own experiences.

I am pleased with the ways things have gone in one year for me. I feel my name is out there and while I'm not one of the biggies selling tons of books, I am doing reasonably well. I hope to continue the way I'm going, but am expanding to write in other genres which are not romance or erotica oriented.

Where do I see myself in another year? I often ask myself this question. Ideally my dream is to write fulltime and be moderately successful. I will continue to work hard at it and see what comes of it. Afterall, I didn't think I'd be this far along one year ago. 



  1. Lady, you've done amazing things in this past year. My hat's off to you for your work ethic and sheer guts and determination.
    And, um... I've lost count. How many books? O_0

  2. Sue- It was a busy year. I find that in the e market I have to be constantly out there with all the competition. It helped that I was also off work for a year to write. Thanks for the great compliment. :)

    Adam- :)

  3. Congratulations on your annus writus. That's pretend latin, by the way.*wink* Continue on, you naughty minx! And best of luck with your endeavors.... writus.

  4. Congrats on the last year. I know that the year to come will be even better.