Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Romance and E Presses

This week after finishing a m/m novella, I decided to switch gears and return back to a WIP that I had started last year. It's a sweet romance. This made me wonder about the market for this type of story in the e publishing world.

Heat sells. I think most of us would agree with that without a doubt. I have started to look around at submission guidelines for various e presses. Most do lean towards the erotic or the more steamier side of things.

Is there much of a e market for sweet romance? What are your thoughts and opinions?


  1. I think there is more of a market for it than most people realize. Take Astraea Press for example. They opened their doors in February of 2011 and already they have a foothold in the e-book biz. I think the sweet romance is something that most people are actually hungry for. One can only read so much XXX before their brain and their libido become worn out lol!

  2. Good point and thanks for commenting.