Sunday, March 13, 2011

Author Interview with Melissa Hosack

Hi Melissa, and thank-you for taking the time to be interviews on, Write Outside the Box.

V- Tell us about your most current release and what inspired you to write it?

M- My most current release is a short story titled, Do It Fur Love. It was included in the anthology, Indecent Encounters, which was published by Evernight Publishing on February 9th, 2011.

V- When did you start writing and what was your road to publication like? Do you have any advice for new writers starting out?

M- I have been writing since the second grade. It has always been a passion of mine. In Jr. High, I won a writing contest in my class to have a study session with Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna, which only made me want to be an author even more. I took a position with the Department of Homeland Security under the Transportation Security Administration as the Model Workplace Coordinator Assistant. My main job is to create their newsletter for Western Pennsylvania. I have been writing a short story column for them as well since 2007. In September of 2008, I had my first short story published, More Bark Than Bite, and haven’t look back since.

My advice to writers is to be patient. Good things come with time, and rejection letters are a necessary evil in this business.

V- What other things interest you besides writing?

M- I enjoy watching and playing sports. I love showing my support to the Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers! I also enjoy spending time with my family and traveling. This summer my husband and I are taking our 16 month old son Marshall Frost on his first vacation. We’re renting a beach house for a week in June. We’re very excited.

V- What are you currently reading and what books can be found in your to-be-read pile?

M- I am always in the middle of a few books. Right now I am reading, Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton, Angel by James Patterson, and an anthology called, Twas a Dark and Delicious Christmas.

Unfinished by Mary Janice Davidson and a few Kim Harrison novels. Those are all at the top of In my to-be-read pile are usually the newest novels by my favorite authors. I have a few Katie MacAlister books waiting for me. I have Janet Evanovichs Wicked Appetite. I have Undead and my list.

Now for some less formal, fun questions!

V- If you could relive one moment in time, which one would it be?

M- My husband, our families, and I went on a Disney cruise through the Bahamas a few years ago. That was a total blast. I think I would have to relive that. In a few years, we plan to take my son on the same trip. Instead of reliving, we’ll do it better. :)
V- Name one item you cannot do without in life and why.

M- Sadly, that might have to be my cell phone. It is an easy way for me to keep in touch with my husband while he’s at work. I can send him off goofy pictures of our son or just tell him how my day is going. When I’m at work, it’s nice knowing I can send the babysitter a quick text message to see how my son is behaving. Also, I can’t imagine my car breaking down and not having a phone to call for help. I leave for work very early in the morning. I don’t want to be walking the highway at 4 am.
V- What’s your favourite flower?

M- Carnations. They are so cute with their little ruffles. At my wedding, there were red carnations that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses, and I thought they were absolutely beautiful.

V- What’s your ultimate indulgence?

M- My favorite indulgence would be taking a long, hot bubble bath while reading a good book. It’s some nice, quiet me time. Everyone needs that every once in a while. Throw in a back massage from my husband afterward and an Oreo Blizzard, and I am in heaven.

V- What can we expect to see from you in the future?
M- In May of 2011, I have another short story being published by Evernight Publishing. It will be in an anthology book that includes some other very talented ladies. I’m excited for this release. I really enjoyed these characters.
Once again, thank-you, Melissa.
Melissa can be reached on the web through her website at the following link: Melissa Hosack


  1. Melissa is such an outstanding writer. She loves writing and it shows. Cool interview!

  2. I've been friends with Melissa since junior high and I know she has become a successful writer. We're all proud of her accomplishments.

    ~ Megan Gill