Friday, February 3, 2012

Interviewing Georgia Fox

Georgia Fox is the awesome author of many erotic titles. Her talent for writing historical romance is vast and it shows in every work. She agreed to me a small glimpse into her writing career and shared with us her most recent release.

X- Tell us what started you on the writing path.

G- I've always had stories in my head. I can remember writing my first book at the age of ten. It must have been around that time I realized people could actually make money as a writer - that it could be a career. But I never seriously thought of showing anyone my work and trying to get published until much later. Once I'd plucked up the courage to share my work with a few friends and they encouraged me to try getting it published, that was how the ball got rolling.

X- What's your latest release?

G- THE WAGERED WENCH is book 5 in The Conquerors series (and the penultimate book in the series). It's the story of a woman struggling to find her place in a male dominated world (11th century England) and the reluctant man who comes to marry her, having won her from her drunken father in a game of dice. It takes place over the space of a year and is divided into four parts, represented by water, air, fire and earth - each one being significant in the development of their steamy romance. It also introduces the hero of the final book - Stryker Bloodaxe - who gets in on some menage action with the hero and heroine.

X- Do you do much research when writing your books?

G- I do. I have tons of history books for every time period LOL. But I don't over-burden the story with too much historical detail. I like the story to be about the characters and their chemistry, rather than a broader history lesson on the political climate. If the reader picks up some interesting facts about living in the era along the way, that's great - I think it sets the scene and puts the reader into the time period much more effectively to have a few nuggets of historical treasure spread about for them to find. The important thing is that they enjoy the story and it transports them to another place for a while. I don't want to teach anyone anything, just entertain.

X- What's something most people don't know about you?

G- Hmmm. That would be telling!

X- What's the book you like the most that you've wrote?

G- Argh! I love them all for different reasons. I think possiblyThe Wagered Wench. It's actually a story I started writing a long time ago and set aside, because I wasn't getting that flow. Then I got it out again one day and suddenly it just took flight. The character of Dominic Coeur-du-loup touches a chord in me, I guess. He's very strong, quiet and much more honorable than he thinks he is. His kindness and intrinsic goodness is just a part of who he is and since its always been there he doesn't think about it, doesn't know to value it. He has a facial scar and assumes that no woman will love him because of it.

X- What can we expect from you within the next year?

G- Book six in The Conquerors series - the final one. And it has some surprises in store for those who've read the other books. I'm going out with a bang! Then I have plans for a new series, which I don't want to say too much about. I also have more books planned for Lumina (the wanton hussy, whose first story came out last year) First, however, I've got a naughty fairy tale almost completed and I'm very excited about it. This one involves a very naughty pussy, a cursed milkmaid, a wicked nobleman, some high-heeled boots and some whips and chains.

Thanks for hosting me, Xon!

X- And thank-you for being here.

Georgia can be found online at: Foxy Tales