Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Release: Kissing Michael

My newest short Kissing Michael is out and on sale at All Romance. Check out the excerpt below, but be warned, it's a little naughty!

Description: At eighteen, Brett has experienced very little in life. He’s gay, closeted, and desperate for change. When a chance meeting with the new guy in town at a party presents itself, he’s more than ready to open up and make a new friend.

Michael has more than friendship on his mind when he spots the hot jock leaving the party for the night. This is his moment and he quickly follows hoping for a chance alone with him. That chance turns into a whole lot more when Brett invites him back to his house leading to a night of intense, undiscovered passion.

[M/M, anal sex]

Short story

Excerpt: At that moment I wanted him to kiss me desperately and from the stirring inside my jeans, my cock wanted it too. “I don’t mind,” I managed to say, my heart beating hard and fast inside my chest. I swallowed and looked to the ground. I was going out on a limb here and this could all easily backfire in my face. Then I would be outed as the fag that I was. The thought of that happening terrified me.

“That’s good. So,” he hesitated. “You wouldn’t mind if I kissed you? If you do, just tell me to fuck off, man. I’ll understand. But I noticed you back at the party and well…I felt a little something between us.”

Hell yes I wanted him to kiss me. This was like a fucking dream come true. I was a complete virgin; I hadn’t even been touched up to this point in my young gay life.

I leaned in to Michael and he did the same. I wasn’t sure what to do next so I let him take the lead hoping that he’d had some experience.


  1. Hi I really liked this read. It was a little short but good. I was wondering if you had any intention of writing a sequel? Thansk

  2. I have debated doing just that. You've given me something to think about :)