Thursday, May 12, 2011

I don't rant often, but...

Just like the title to this blog says, I don't rant often, but... Anyway, I feel I need to on a specifc topic which is netiquette within the author community, specifically the e author romance/erotica community.


-Don't be an ass. Nobody likes an ass. Trust me when I say this. That cute little snarky comment you made on FB or some other social network just makes you look like a bitch. And while you think being a bitch is the 'in' thing to be, it really isn't.
-Liars. When found out, admit that you did it, admit that you were wrong. Don't add fuel to the flames by telling more to try and get yourself out of a sticky situation(it never works).
-Trolling. Chances are if a whole bunch of people are saying you are, well, you are. Get over it and stop. If not, by all means flounce. We all love a good laugh.
-The know-it-all. You may be an expert in everything, but don't feel the need to tell us that with every post.
-The promotion king/queen. Nobody knows the importance of promotion like I do. I understand it, I really do. But bombarding people with it all day long really makes me and others not want to buy your book.

This rant has been brought to you today by one snarky author. Now, forgive me I have to go spend time with my cat.


  1. I hereby ditto everything you said. Including the kitty lurve.

    "Heeeere, Charlie!!!"


  2. **still laughing**

    .......sorry, I can't even comment.....
    **still laughing**wiping tears from cheeks**