Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Writing Game

I sent off my requested three chapters to Harlequin last night after spending ages tweaking them. To say the least when I pressed send I was relieved to have it done and over with.

Writing for me is a mixture of love and hate and often I find myself wanting to pull the hair out of my head, especially when it comes to passing edits back and forth.

While I love the creative part of writing, I can't say I love the whole process like some writers do.

So, as I sit here now with second round edits sent off for my latest contracted novella and a submission package send to Harlequin. I am a nervous as heck. Being a nervous person by nature I've come to expect this reaction. And when I want something bad, it makes things worse.

For romance, HQ is the ultimate dream. Let's hope that it becomes a reality. *fingers crossed*.


  1. Best of luck with the HQ sub, sweetie! :)

    I love to write, but I'm not a fan of editing. I like that I'm improving my work, but it gets dull fast. :P


  2. Good luck with the Harlequin submission! They'd be crazy to turn you down!

  3. Thanks CR, I have my fingers crossed.

    Adam- Thanks :)