Tuesday, September 14, 2010


September, the very mention of the month used to invoke stomach cramps and headaches when I was a kid. I absolutely dreaded going back to school.

Looking back, all those memories make me smile. The crispness in the early morning air, the salt scent, wafting in from the ocean as I walked to the bus-stop... The dogberries ripe and red on the trees. If I close my eyes, I can picture it like it was yesterday. Even the feel, of stiff, yet to be broken in blue jeans. Oh, and dare I forget to mention the thrill of new sneakers. Which was one of the few perks of starting a new school year.

For some reason. I thought about all this, today. And I'm a bit sad, I'll never see those days again.

I use to wish my time away and now I wish it back. How ironic...


  1. I used to feel the same. I liked going and catching up with my mates (who had often gone somewhere warm), but I dreaded the rest. ;)

    I bet you were cute in lil blue jeans lol! :D



  2. Goodness, it seems like you just wrote about my childhood and going back to school! lol

    I feel the same way somedays. Jon and I were in Corner Brook together this past weekend. I always felt like I could never move back there. But after this past weekend, it's got Jon and I talking about maybe the possibility of moving back, if the right circumstances allowed it. We didn't realize how many like minded friends we actually had there, and makes us miss it there even more.

    Hope all is well out home. Say hi to Mom

    Loves ya


  3. Adam- Yeah, I wasn't a fan of school.

    Matt- I don't regret moving from the city. It's only been two weeks in but I am much more relaxed and content.
    I'm looking forward now to the next part which will be the UK once the paperwork is completed.

    Take care

  4. I have to confess, I always enjoyed the back to school season. I'd get a brand new outfit to wear on the first day, and I'd get to see all my friends and find out what they did over the summer, and the school would have brand new books and pencils waiting for us . . .

    I'm such a nerd! :-)

  5. I remember the first day of school ever, screeching my head off.

    I don't think that ever changed! LOL

  6. I was such a roaring dork. I loved going back. All through elementary school I cried on the last day. Huge dork. Now, you couldn't get me back to school (A.K.A. reunion) to save my life.