Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Genre... Anyone?

Lately it seems, I've lost my writing mojo once again.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm writing in the wrong genre, which has been primarily romance.

I have also written some horror and lit with dark themes. People who have read my work have said I excel at dark lit. This all leads into my question for all you writers out there. When did you know you had found the right genre? Oh and is lit even a genre? That may be a stupid question, but I'm asking it anyway...

P.S. YOu can click on my Sisters of Orion blog/serial to see an example of one lit novel I am working on. It's kinda dark with gritty undertones.


  1. I've always preferred your darker, grittier stuff. :-)

    When I started, I was POSITIVE that high fantasy was my calling in life. Now, I've decided I'd much rather make people laugh like a drain than go cross-eyed trying to work out my magic system. ;-)

    I'd say literature is a genre, yes, but others would disagree. Much like some disagree over whether a book is lit or not. Meh. :P


  2. I knew urban fantasy was a good fit for me because it's a mix of two I love - paranormal and mysteries. I don't think there's much point in writing something you don't enjoy.

    As far as literary fiction being a genre, I'm not sure. I know agents and editors consider it separate from genre fiction - you know, romance, mysteries, etc. But you can be both because there's a fair amount of sci-fi now that's considered litfic. All by authors whose names I can't spell, or I'd give examples. ;-)

  3. Well, I am published in romance but I'm still wondering if I should write more Women's fiction. Maybe I just need a change...

  4. I adore romance. But I think my main writing interest lays elsewhere.

    The whole lit as a genre or not confuses the hack out of me.

    Thanks everyone for weighing in.

  5. I wish I could weigh in with something brilliant and insightful, but alas, I'm still trying to find my writing niche. I write generally for a YA audience, but I'm not sure exactly where my stories fall. So, best of luck in your deliberations. ;)


  6. When I first decided to write a book, I started with historical romance, because at the time that's what I loved. But eventually over the year, I went off category romance novels - so much that I don't even read them any more so my writing interest transferred to. I KNOW Fantasy is my thing - that's my top genre, but I also like Science Fiction and Multiculture Mainstream - both of which I have going in drafts.

    I used to think about this question, whether I was writing the right thing, but I realised that you've just got to try different things, write whatever you feel like, and when you meet your match, you will KNOW.

  7. I think we are all dark and gritty sometimes. When it comes to genre I think that we cross the line every time we write something. I'm working on humor, but it involves horses, dogs, wildlife and a husband. No romance there, but are they stories about animals, humor or me. Crap I never gave this so much thought. Now I'm confused. I still can't figure out the site and now I'm wondering what I'm writing about. Good Question!!!!!!!!!
    Denise (Taddy)