Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another Year Over

So 2015 is almost over and I am sad  to say that I won't be sorry to see this year end. It hasn't been a good one for me. 

My health hasn't been good as some of you may know. First I have major back issues, I am diabetic and now on insulin which has been a struggle, and I am being investigated for other things since I suffer from chronic pain all over my body.

I have hardly worked during the last year and I don't have sick benefits either. I also suffer from depression which has worsened since all of this has taken place. Yup, 2015 has NOT been a good year.

On a up note I am thankful to have a truly wonderful husband who I absolutely love and adore. His support has been unbelievable. He is always there for me. There is also my family who have also been a great support.

Writing wise it has been an okay year. My output hasn't been that great, but I have been please with what I have had published. My sales have not been what I would like for them to have been, but that just a part of the business.

For the readers who do buy my stuff, I truly thanks you. I hope you get some joy and pleasure reading about my characters and their situations. It really does me a lot to me to know that people like reading what I write.

What's next? I hope to write more of course. I am also expanding to other genres besides erotic romance and mm and menage. I plan on trying my hand again at historicals and paranormal romance. And I am taking an active role in trying to improve my health.

I wish you all a great Christmas/Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year filled with joy!



  1. Xondra...have you tried to remove gluten from your diet? I had pains all over my body too and after removing virtually everything with gluten, I am pain free...when I add anything with gluten...the pain returns for a day...just thought I would pass along the info in case you wanted to experiment with gluten free. :-) Hugs on the health issues. (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) Hope 2016 is much better!!

    1. It would be worth a try. Thanks for the heads up.