Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Onward to 2015

It's that time again when I reflect on the year that's nearly over. Lots of health issues brought me down this past year. I wasn't nearly as productive in any aspect of my life as I would have liked to be. My grandmother on Mom's side of the family passed away in late August and that was also a big blow to take.

I started a new series with Siren Publishing in 2014. I plan on continuing with it, but I have made the decision to step away from erotic romance for the most part. I want to concentrate on mainstream romance, and other non-romance related writing projects which as of late have fallen to the side. That doesn't mean that I will stop writing erotic romance all-together, but it won't be the sole thing that I write. 

Let's all hope for a great new year! Have a great one and see you in 2015!


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