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When You Least Expect It Giveaway!

To help promote my latest release with Siren Publishing, I'm giving away two e-copies. The winners will be chosen on the day of release which is the 21st! Winners will be contacted through email. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment along with your email address. Good luck!

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Burb: [Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, foot fetish, HEA]
Danny Lyon has never had much luck at romance. After a failed relationship drives him from his hometown, he finds his way into the city only to discover that life doesn't often turn out how you'd like.
Working at a strip club, The Treasure Chest certainly isn't his dream job, but it pays well. Everything is going along fine until he meets Terrence LeBrec, an older man who shows up one night out of the blue. Terrence is rich, laid back, and as the chemistry between them erupts, it also surprises Danny that he's attracted to a man who otherwise isn't his type.
Terrence only went to The Treasure Chest to pass away time. He never expected to meet anyone, but when Danny takes the stage, he's totally taken with the young man who he knows nothing about. He has to meet him. There's something definitely between them. Terrence can't deny it. They have a connection that he can't let go. One hookup leads him to want more.
It doesn't take a lot of time for Danny to realize how different their lives really are. Why would a guy like Terrence who has everything going for him be interested in a guy like him? It doesn't make sense. They come from different worlds—perhaps too different.
Will what brought them together tear them apart? They're opposites in every way possible. Will love conquer all?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Excerpt: He’d had his share of hot guys, but each always came with a hefty price tag. Terrence could easily afford them since money wasn’t an issue. He could afford to support a dozen rent boys if he wanted to. Yet, here he was on a Friday night, alone, gawking at some guy who was at least ten years his junior or more.
Terrence finished the last of his beer. He glanced at his watch. It was a little past midnight. The smart thing to do would be to head home and get a good night’s sleep. The bad thing would be to stay and keep drinking. He decided to stay.

* * * *

Danny readjusted himself and headed straight to the bar after his number ended. He wasn’t much of a drinker, but an ice-cold cola would hit the spot nicely.
“Looking good up there,” Keith, the bartender, said. He handed Danny a cola with lots of ice. Keith knew how he liked it.
A bunch of guys ogled him to his left. He glanced toward them and they giggled like a bunch of schoolgirls. “Twinks,” he muttered to Keith. “Are they even old enough to be in here?”
Keith nodded. “Barely, but yeah, they’re legal. I checked their IDs.”
Danny couldn’t risk the temptation to play it up a little bit. Plus, it was good for business to cavort with the clientele. That’s how the extra cash was made. He walked over to the group of guys. “Having fun, boys?” he asked.
“Lots,” replied a dark-haired, fair-skinned cutie in black-rimmed glasses. “You’re a great…dancer,” he stammered. His eyes strayed to Danny’s crotch. He licked his lips as a rosy glow appeared on his cheeks.
“You’re all muscles,” gushed a blond, his steely green eyes a sharp contrast to his dark, tanned skin. “I adore men with muscles. May I?” he asked, gesturing to Danny’s bulging right bicep.
“Sure thing, sexy,” Danny replied, flexing for him. “Touch away.”
“And that chest,” said a goth-looking guy, the third in the group. “A chest that begs to be stroked and worshipped.” He reached forward and ran his hands across Danny’s chest. “I’m Jax.”
“I’m Danny, boys,” he replied. With three sets of hands exploring him, he had to work his magic. Now if he could lure each of them into having a lap dance, the night would be perfect. He kept telling himself to stay focused on the money and how much he needed it.

* * * *

Terrence looked on with much amusement. It was the cute dancer, the one who grabbed his interest, now surrounded by a bunch of horny guys. This was better than any show onstage.
“And how are you?”
Terrence turned to see another dancer standing next to his table. “I’m good, and yourself?” He wasn’t interested in getting an answer, but it was natural for him to be polite.
“I’m great. I’m Craig. I noticed you sitting here all by your lonesome. I thought I’d offer you my company.”
The dancer was cute, but not his type. He was much too boyish-looking. “Sure, Craig. Can I get you anything from the bar?”
Craig smiled. “That’d be nice. I’ll head over and get a drink. Would you like another?”
“Sure, that’d be great.” Terrence reached into his wallet. He handed Craig a twenty. “Who’s that?” he asked, pointing to the other dancer.
“That’s Danny. Cute, isn’t he?”
“He’s something,” Terrence replied.
“But I’m much more fun, trust me. I’ll get you that beer. I won’t be long.”
When Craig returned, it wasn’t long before Terrence felt Craig’s hand on his thigh. His throat went dry as he reached for his beer. It wasn’t that he didn’t find Craig slightly attractive, but Craig set off an alarm within him. This guy wasn’t looking for anything more than an easy ride.
“Like I said, I’m fun.” Craig squeezed his leg harder. “I could do so many awesome things to you. I bet you’d like that.”
“Actually, I’d like you to introduce me to Danny. That’s his name, right?”
“Danny?” Craig looked stunned, and a tad deflated. “I can do that.”
Terrence hated to slight the guy, but he wasn’t interested at all.

* * * *

“Bud over there is looking to meet you,” Craig said, tapping Danny on the shoulder.
Danny, lost in his own twink-induced dream world, turned to Craig and placed one arm around his friend’s shoulders. “Those three are so fucking cute. They want to take me home with them. All three, can you imagine that? I’d never do it, but I’m totally flattered.”
“You wouldn’t.” Craig rolled his eyes. “You being so good and all. So, dude over there wants to meet you. Best of luck.” Craig strutted off without looking back, even though Danny called out to him. He excused himself from the threesome, but promised he’d be back before the night ended.
The stranger greeted him first with a nod. He smiled as Danny approached him. “Hey, I hope you’re enjoying the show.” It was a lame attempt at breaking the ice, but he couldn’t think of anything else to say.
“It’s great. Your dancing’s fantastic.”
The guy looked about thirty-five. His dark black hair grayed at the temples, and a five o’clock shadow adorned his square-cut jaw. He was handsome, without a doubt.
“I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before,” Danny said.
“It’s my first time. I was passing by. I thought I’d drop in for a drink. I’m Terrence.” He extended his hand, and they shook.
“I’d like to request a private lap dance with you,” Terrence said. “I’m assuming that’s done here?”
Danny nodded. “Sure, follow me and we’ll get down to it.”
The room used for lap dances had been sectioned off from the rest of the club to allow maximum privacy. With the dimmed lighting and mood music, it served its purpose well.
“You can sit there,” Danny directed. “The rules are…well, there aren’t any, really.” He smiled. “Relax and enjoy.”
Terrence sat back and looked up at Danny. His steely gray eyes moved up and down Danny’s body. It was obvious he liked what he saw a lot.


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  6. A big thanks to everyone who took the time to enter! The winner are: Jessica Bee & Christy Baldwin.

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