Friday, November 2, 2012

On Diabetes and Life

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. It didn't surprise me when it was confirmed by my doctor, but the knowing left me bitter and depressed. I kind of knew that it was a possibility. I've been ill off and on over the past two years, but this seemed to come and go. I had myself convinced that it was nothing, but the what if was always there in the back of my mind.
I'd become very ill over the past couple of months. More so in fact than ever before. I had frequent headaches and dizziness. I was always thirsty, and going to the bathroom. I was often nauseated. My eyes hurt at times. Even after 8 hours sleep, I was still tired, and sleeping most days. I found whenever I felt fatigued all I needed was something with a lot of sugar in it(Regular soda), and I would come around and feel much better. When I was tested for diabetes, my fasting sugar was high. When I was spot checked in the doctor's office, it was dangerously high!
I'm on medication so far. I don't want to go on insulin. I'm following a strict diet with a restricted carb intake, and it's been hell. Going from eating whatever you want to watching everything isn't easy. But I take full responsibility for my condition, and I know that no one else got me there but myself. Hopefully the diet along with exercise and meds will work. My doctor is optimistic, and so am I.
If you've been feeling like I described above, get yourself checked. The damage that diabetes can do to the body over years untreated is astounding, and scary. It's better to know than not.


  1. Sorry to learn this, but I am so glad you've found out so you can do something about it.

    Good for you for going with diet and exercise. There's anecdotal evidence concerning going wheat free(all gluten and simple carbs like rice,too) and the reversal of diabetes.
    Just passing the info along.

  2. Leah- I heard about the gluten free thingie. I will def look into it.

    Adam- Loves ya too!