Friday, November 16, 2012

Because Writing Isn't My Whole Life

For the past three years writing has practically consumed me. I don't think that's a bad thing, but my other hobbies have went to side. Quilting is one of them.
I started quilting over ten years ago. I started out with simple block quilts done by machine and then moved to more complex patterns like the pinwheel shown in the first picture. I then returned back  to sewing a crazy quit by hand. After that I stopped altogether.
Quilting is something I enjoy. It de-stresses me when I work with the fabric. Like writing, it also makes me feel productive. Being away from the computer is also a bonus.
It may sound crazy, but I love fabric. It's thrilling when I find a great piece of vintage fabric that I know can be recycled into something new. Thrift shops are great places to hunt for quilt fabric.
Gardening is another love of mine. Before moving into the city, I had a huge garden. At this time I have nothing since it doesn't work where I live. I hope to return to it at some point in the future.
My question is: What hobbies do you enjoy?


  1. I've been gradually moving into gardening with the help of my son in law (who is very energetic). I like needlecraft: crochet, knitting. I write.. :D, I play with my dog: run walk jump skip dodge and play hide'n'seek. Also: sudokus, word jumbles, and word search.

    1. You're busy! I think that can be a good thing :)

      I have a cat, but I'd love to have a dog too.