Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Thoughts About What I Write

I cruise Goodreads like a lot of other authors do. At times since I've joined the site it has annoyed the hell out of me, but for the most part I do enjoy it thought I don't go on their every single day.

I'm going to talk a bit about reviews. Today I got two for my latest m/m. One was from a review site and it was positive while the other was from a reader and negative but constructive. Like any other author, I love getting positive reviews. I'd be crazy if I didn't, but it was the negative review that made me think about what I write in general and why I write it.

Since I've started writing I've had a couple of readers contact me via Facebook PM and through my author email. One questioned me about my less than noble characters and why I write them. A couple of reviews have again brought this issue up. My characters often have sex with other people outside of their relationships. In Menage on the Prairie, the hero had the heroine come to him by missleading her. In Apples to Oranges, Jace fools around with another guy, but is interested in another and doesn't tell him even after they get together. This is a big no for some readers and to top things off, most of my endings are HFN(Happy for now).

I understand that romance/erotic romance readers want an escape. Most want the happily ever after. It's rare for me to write that. I write what I like to read. I love m/m and I read a ton of it. I like quirkier stories with characters who are leave me thinking and if they don't run off into the sunset with each other that's okay with me. I also draw from my own real life experience. I am not a gay man of course and I've never been in a menage relationship, but I have been cheated on and found myself in some pretty strange situations over the years. I think this often rolls over into my writing. Saying that, I have found the man of my dreams and married him(Yay!).

I hope this offers a little insight to my readers who have had questions about what I write or for those who have had a WTF moment when they've finished something of mine.


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  1. Negative reviews, when constructive or at least with reasons WHY they didn't care for a read, aren't always a bad thing. No one will be everyone's cuppa. I don't scowl at negative ones unless they're bitchy and mean.