Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shyla Colt's Recovery Released Today

Thanks to Xondra for allowing me to stop by and chat a bit about my latest release Recovery with Secret Cravings Publishing.
I’ll be the first to admit I’m extremely nervous about this novella. It’s my first foray into the world of contemporary romance, and by far the most personal piece I’ve published to date. I’m running a contest on my blog to win a copy on release day.  Stop by www.shylacoltsstraightshot.wordpress.com to enter :D 

Maxim Wadja and his band M.A.D. are on the brink of stardom. With a hot demo and an album in the works he should be on top of the world. But the cocaine habit he’s picked up to enhance his musical ability has put a major strain on his relationship with his high school sweetheart. His addiction has all ready cost him his engagement. Will it lose him Oceane all together or can he get himself in to recovery?

His hands began a gentle massage on her lower back then crept up her spine and into her hair. The growing bulge in his pants pressed against her stomach and her panties grew moist. It had been so long since she’d felt him move inside of her. His width and girth were almost too much to take and his thick cock occupied every inch of space inside her walls. He was just too male. The thought of it made her face heat.

"God, Maxi.”

She clutched the back of his shirt. Her nipples strained against the cotton that teased them. The material was an annoyance to the heavy mounds that ached to be fondled. She fought the need to grind against him as her body trembled, begging her to relieve the tension that made her pussy pulse as her cream continued to flow like a hot fountain.

"Oceane,” he whispered. God, how did he manage to make her name sound so damn sexy? “I want you mon ange.”

His nimble fingers stilled in her hair and slid down to cup her face as he bent to meet her gaze. “I long for you. Please don’t deny me this.” She remained silent as his soft lips met hers. All rational thought abandoned her as she permitted the passion that flared between them to scald her.

His tongue traced the seam of her lips before it plunged inside her moist cavern. Each swirl felt like a possession as he claimed her mouth in the name of Maxim. Her shaky knees weakened and she clutched his shirt tighter while leaning her weight against the counter. Mews left her mouth and she sucked his tongue deeper. Her legs crept up to wrap around his waist as he lifted and set her on the counter. She spread her legs wide and he wedged himself between her thighs. When they finally came up for air she rested her head against his chest and used the rhythm of his heart beat to steady herself.

“We can’t do this, Max; I won’t go back to the way things were.”
“Why not?”
"Because when you’re using you’re a lunatic, you go on rants, you disrespect me and every time I leave I worry that I’m going to come home and find you overdosed.”
“I’m not using like that anymore, baby, I’ve cut down a lot.” He attempted to soothe her with gentle strokes through her hair and butterfly kisses along her jaw, up to the sensitive area behind her ear.

“A lot isn’t good enough, Maxi! You’ve been using on and off for years, what about kindling? The little bumps you think of as harmless could easily spell your death!” Her voice broke as she looked up at him with watery brown eyes.

She fought down the urge to let his charm sway her and continued her rant. “And then what would I do? Life without you is unthinkable. I feel like a zombie as it is. Like my life has been placed on hold for the past six months.”

“Then why do you keep us apart?” he asked before he delivered a nip to her neck that made her gasp.
“B-because I refuse to let you think it’s okay to continue to do this.” Her brain had started to feel like it was coated with molasses. Her thoughts slowed, her focus grew dull. She was losing the battle.
“I know it’s not okay, O.” he said. The suction on her neck added more to the pool of liquid that had formed between her legs. Desperate to break the sensual spell he weaved she brought up the white elephant in the room.

"Don’t you remember what happened six months ago!”

“How could I forget?” Max’s body grew rigid. His hands stilled and dropped to his side. His shoulders slumped as he moved away.

“I came home and found you laying on the floor unconscious with blood pouring from your nose.”

“If I could take it back, I would. That memory haunts me on a daily basis. God, your face when I came to…” He shuddered and shook his head. His blue eyes clouded over with a cocktail of pain and self loathing.

“I can tell it’s eating you up.” She said. “What I don’t understand is why you won’t just stop.” She lowered herself down from the counter knowing she’d dodged a bullet.
The vivid memories, doused the flames of desire he’d stoked. She rushed to door, gripped the metal knob, and kept her eyes downcast and turned away from him. “You need to leave now.” One more look into those azure jewels and she’d be fall back under his spell.


“No, it’s easy to forget what’s happened when you come here like this and you’re so much like your old self. But zilch has changed.” Oceane flipped the latch and spun the lock, desperate for him to leave.

She jumped when Maxim’s heavy hand came down against it the door to keep it shut. He pressed the length of his body against her own and bent to nibble his way down her neck to nip at her shoulder.

“Tell me you don’t want me.”

His large hands cupped her breasts as he ground his hardened cock against her ass. The skin on the back of her neck was caught between his teeth. The slight pain sent an electric pulse straight to her core. Her hips gyrated back against him of their own accord.

"That’s my girl.” His husky whisper was accompanied by the tweaking of her pert nipples and the continuous nudging of his rigid cock between her ass cheeks finally wore her down. She widened her legs and gasped when his stroke extended to hit the area that needed his attention most.

“You’re so wet you soaked through your boxers.” He groaned. “I want to touch that pretty pink pussy of yours, Oceane.”
“W-we shouldn’t be doing this-”
“Shh, this is just for you love. Let me do this, I need this and you do, too.”
“B-but noth—.” Maxim’s hand slipped beneath the band of her boxers putting an end to all her protests.
“No, Panties? What a naughty little girl.” His finger stroked along her drenched slit, captured her cream and took it back to her engorged clit.
“Oooh, God,” she said.

 I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peak at Recovery. Look for the story on Amazon,  All romance, and Secret Cravings Publishing on March 13th.

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