Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mellanie Szereto's Latest Release

Hi, Xondra! Thanks for allowing me to take over your blog today :)

I’m very excited about my newest release from Siren Publishing, The Sextet Presents...Playing in the Raine: A Toy Story. This story was so much fun to write! Yes, as the title implies, toys are a main character in this novella. No, they aren’t meant for children—although Buzz and Woody would make for some appropriate names for a couple of Raine’s playthings. Some are real, and some are the figment of my wild imagination. Any naughtiness associated with the latter I claim as my own!

I’m giving away a copy on my blog today, so stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win!

Blurb: Thirty-eight-year-old Raine Michaels’s last boyfriend dumped her for a barely legal younger woman, so she decides to find herself a boy-toy. Scanning the local campus newspaper, three ads pique her interest, as do the men who placed the personals. She’s lucky she has her stash of plastic playmates to keep her company until she chooses a flesh and blood man to satisfy her. But is one enough?
Vince Niccolo, Rafe Leonard, and Matt Augustine are searching for Ms. Right to join their not-yet-perfect threesome. Placing individual ads might’ve misled the interesting woman who uses PlayingInTheRaine for her email address, but would she have responded to a “three bi guys want a woman to share” request? Not likely. Now, they have to convince her they can give her more pleasure than a box of battery-powered toys. Love might be an unexpected side effect of rub-a-dub-dubbing with three men in her tub.

Excerpt: Matty worked the buttons of her blouse while Vince unzipped her slim skirt. Rafe loosened the tie in her hair, freeing that silky curtain. A skimpy bra barely held the fullness of her shapely tits. He bent to trace the edge of the satin with his tongue, and her nipple popped out.
That's an invitation if I've ever seen one. Drawing the puckered tip between his lips, he sucked and licked. Her moans encouraged him. What wonderful ways were his lovers pleasuring her?
He glanced downward to see Vince on his knees with his face buried in her fiery bush. She’s a natural redhead. Matt was focused on the back side of her. The Romeo loved ass—kissing, tonguing, fucking. He was damn good at it, too.
“ the...mmmm...nightstand drawer.” Raine's husky words almost sent Rafe's cock spraying cum everywhere.
“Lube?”Matt's intentions were clear.
She moaned again. “Box...under the bed.”
Reaching behind her, Rafe flicked open her bra, easing it down her arms as he settled his mouth on hers. He brushed his thumbs over her hard nipples, and she slicked her tongue along the seam of his lips. No way could he resist kissing her deeper, tasting her. Smooth, wet, minty. And passionate. She dove inside, skimming his teeth and searching every inch of his mouth until she cried out and shuddered against him. He wanted to look to see what his lovers had done to make her come, but the expression of sheer joy on her face mesmerized him.
“So fucking sexy.” He could only agree with Matt's hoarse comment. “I want my dick inside her for the next orgasm. Time to switch.”
Sliding his slippery finger from Raine's ass, Matt licked her juice from Vin's lips and chin. “Tasty. Tell me, sweetheart, do you play with the toys in the box often? You’ve got quite a collection.”
“Men don't always satisfy me. I've played with them a lot this week.” Her wicked smile sent his heart into palpitations.
“If we don't satisfy you, I'll buy you the whole damn store.” Crawling on his hands and knees to the nightstand, he retrieved the box of condoms. “Of course, we might decide to try out a few of these contraptions to spice things up.” He stripped off his clothes and rolled the condom on his aching cock, hoping he lasted long enough to make her come again. Shit, he was going to experience pussy with the only woman he’d ever make love to. Lying on the bed, he crooked his finger at her. “Will you ride me, Raine? Then Rafe can fuck that tight rear of yours. His dick feels absolutely amazing. And I bet Vin would love to have you blow him.”
She straddled him, gliding her dripping cunt up the length of his erection. “Do you like to suck cock, Matt? I'm guessing you enjoy having one in your butt while you do.”
Joining them on the bed, Vin kissed her. “He gives great blow jobs. The other night I fantasized you were sucking me off while he went down on me. And he's a whore when it comes to getting his ass fucked.”
Rafe appeared behind her. “His favorite position is being in the middle, with his dick in Vince and my dick in him.” His hands cradled her gorgeous tits. “Want a nibble one of these beauties, Matty?”
“Hell, yeah.” He wanted to touch all of her at the same time. Five years had passed since he last copped a feel on a woman. “Lube her some more while I sample the sweets. I doubt she's used to having a long dong like yours in that luscious hole.” Levering up on his elbows, he swiped his tongue around the rosy-brown circle surrounding her ripe raspberry. “Yum. Vin, let her suck your balls. I'll have the perfect view.”
Raine arched into his mouth and moaned. “That feels so good. Front and back. I might come before you're inside me, Matt. And you, Rafe. Vince, I want to taste you. No more teasing. Please.”
Vin stood over Matt, his nuts dangling chin-level with Raine. She wasted no time sucking one lightly furred ball between her lips. They all groaned. She switched to its twin as Matt dragged his teeth across her pert nipple, gently nipping at the puckered nub. Reaching a hand around her waist, he stuck out his middle finger.
“Lube me, Rafe.” Cool jelly coated his skin, and he used his free hand to spread Vin's cheeks. Rubbing over the tight opening, he eased inside to the first knuckle then the second. “Time to suck him, Raine. I have my finger in Vin's ass. And time to be fucked. Are you ready for three ways of loving, sweetheart?”