Friday, December 2, 2011

Win Free Stuff From Ashlynn Monroe

From Ashlynn:

I'm thankful to so many people this year. It's been a great year for me as an author. I've been very lucky to learn from wonderful editors who've improved my knowledge of the craft I adore. Writing is in my blood. I've had so many wonderful readers reach out to me. It's wonderful when someone tells you that your work has touched them. In thanks, I want to give away goodies during the holiday season. I'm going to be giving away audio books, tote bags, t-shirts, and eBooks. Like me on facebook, Ashlynn Monroe Author, to keep up with the giveaways. 

I have three new releases in December. A Healer’s Touch from Wild Horse Press, Salvation book three in my Vengeance series from Decadent Publishing, and A Daddy for Christmas from Silver publishing will all be available throughout December. I’m looking forward to readers enjoying these books. 

A Daddy for Christmas:

When Charlie St. Claire became the caseworker for three, terrified little boys, she didn’t mean to let herself love them. But she did. The boys had unique issues, but with her typical, positive attitude, she wanted to give them a better life.

Richmond Wolfe hadn’t seen his sons in years. He couldn’t help what he’d become, but he’d tried to protect his children by leaving. Now some city girl do-gooder wanted his kids. He wouldn't give them up, not to her or anyone. He loved them that much.

Charlie soon discovers Richmond’s terrible secret and it puts her and the boys in danger. Her burgeoning feelings for the hunky outdoorsman fill her with confusion… and something more. Maybe her boys could use a daddy for Christmas.

A Healer’s Touch:

As if being a young single mother wasn't challenging enough, Phoebe is also the last adult descendant of the witch that cursed Willow Lake in response to her betrayal and murder. Phoebe inherited the family curse, but with love and compassion, she uses her magic for healing.

Fabian Sterling likes money, he likes power, and he likes Phoebe. He's also the ancestor of the man who burned Phoebe's witch ancestor at the stake. Can passion overcome a grudge that's lasted for centuries? When he looks at Phoebe, he doesn’t see a witch, only an angel. How can anyone so beautiful be reviled by an entire town? Fabian vows to protect her, whatever the cost.


Audra Jacobs finds herself alone and uncertain. Her overwhelming power is keeping her from her family, and her lover. The mysterious Phoenix has told her things that she can’t believe are true about her new power. She was brought back from the dead for a reason; she just doesn’t fully know what it is yet. How can she be a hero when her life is falling apart? Could she even accept being normal again if she’s given the chance?

Cain Maddox loves Audra; the demon living inside of him loves her too. The Phoenix living inside of her wants to keep them apart, but he’s determined to save her—again. When a higher power gives him an ultimatum, he has to choose between Audra and his freedom. Their enemy is closing in, and hurting the innocent people who love her. Whom can a hero call when he needs a hero? How can Cain keep her safe when he can’t even touch her?

Buy book one Vengeance:

Buy book two Retribution:

I hope you’ll check out these books, and take part in the giveaways. Comment here to win a 2012 calendar, emery boards, magnets and other fun swag today! I’ll contact the winner and request the physical address to send the goodies. I hope you have safe and happy holiday.



  1. That is a great cover for A Daddy for Christmas! And I have to know what he became, and the danger...*must have* :)
    A Healers Touch sounds interesting to say the least; and Fabian? Yeah, I like the men who love and protect and all costs.
    I have to get my hands on Salvation! and soon...thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Sebrina! I'd love to send you some goodies just email a US postal address to and I'll send you a package of swag!