Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Upstairs Excerpt

My short story Just Upstairs is up on Kindle, and is coming to All Romance soon. Check out he blurb and an adult excerpt. Enjoy!

Blurb: Gay erotica writer, Simon Coldwell, gets more than he could have ever bargained for when his hot hunky upstairs neighbour shows up at his apartment door looking to borrow a cup of sugar, and a whole lot more.

[M/M, anal sex, BDSM, spanking]

Excerpt: Jeff glanced at his surroundings. The apartment was an exact duplicate of his upstairs.

This wasn’t the first time he’d seen Simon. The guy just didn’t know it. When he moved in a little over a week ago, he’d spotted Simon outside tossing trash into the nearby dumpster beside the parking area. Just the sight of that hot little ass wiggling under a pair of shorts had been enough to cause him to sport a hard on in less than a minute. He had a soft spot for guys like Simon; guys who were blond, slim and slightly nerdy. And while he didn’t do the bar scene, or even play the field that often, there was something about his downstairs neighbour that stirred not only his interest but his balls.

Simon had to be gay. He carried that vibe with him. Finally being in his presence and chatting with him, it was confirmed in Jeff’s mind. Asking to borrow sugar had been nothing more than a ruse to meet the cute little fucker face to face.

He took a couple steps further into the apartment and spotted a bookshelf jammed with books. He knelt down to examine their titles, his eyes tracing over each. Jesse’s Seduction, Explored by the Master, Andy Loves Anal, those were just a few of many that caught his attention, all written by S. A. Coldwell. Bingo!

“What are you doing?”

Jeff stood and turned to face Simon with one book in his hand. He raised one brow and opened it, but not before he held up the cover which showed two men kissing passionately. “I was checking out your books. I assume they’re written by you?”

Simon turned crimson. With one hand, he reached out to grab the book but Jeff held it out of reach.

“Look, I know you’re disgusted. So take your sugar and go.” He thrust the cup of sugar at Jeff.

“Who said I was disgusted? I didn’t.”

“Huh?” Simon looked confused, his cheeks still reddened. “I said it.”

“That doesn’t mean you’re right.” He scanned the open pages. Kissing, cocksucking, and jacking. “This is pretty hot stuff. You wrote this?”



Simon thought he’d drop dead right there on the carpet when he returned from the kitchen to find Jeff holding one of his books.

“I like it,” said Jeff. “From the little I’ve managed to read, it’s interesting.” He knelt down and returned the book to its place. “Do you write from experience?” he asked, his eyes locked on Simon.

How was he to answer that? “Ah, no,” he replied. “It’s just stuff I think about.” He hadn’t had sex in months.

“So, if I was to tell you to drop to your knees right here and order you to suck my cock you’d do it? You’d consider it research?”

Was he for real? He licked his lips thinking about it as Jeff moved in closer. Now just inches apart, he had to fight to stop from hyperventilating, and the lump that formed in his throat didn’t help, nor did the throbbing coming from inside his boxers which had tented.

Jeff touched Simon’s side, the man’s hand moved up until it settled against his left cheek. “You’re so fucking soft,” he said. “And cute. I like guys like you. Do you like me, Simon?”

“I do.” It was quick to make that call, it was all happening so fast, but he did like him, a lot.

“I noticed the way you looked at me when I came inside. I noticed straight off when I walked through that door.” Jeff’s voice was softer, soothing.

Simon’s heart pounded inside his chest, and when he looked up at Jeff who towered over him by at least two inches, he felt small and somewhat helpless. He liked that feeling. “I think you’re sexy.” His heart was about to burst. He swallowed hard.

“Sexy?” Jeff laughed, his hands gripping the hem of Simon’s t-shirt, pulling it up and over his head. “I want to see all of you.”

Bare-chested, he felt insecure standing before Jeff. He wasn’t a gym bunny and compared to most men, he didn’t feel adequate in the muscle department. “I’m not built like you are,” he said.

Jeff’s hands roamed over his chest, and as he touched him, Simon’s nipples became erect. He felt more at ease being explored.

“You’re perfect as you are, Simon. Not everyone out there is into the buffed guys. My cock’s hard for you. You turn me on.” Jeff grabbed Simon’s hand and placed it on his bulge. “Feel that. You made it that way, naughty boy.”

Naughty boy. His cock jumped hearing those words coming from Jeff. “What are you going to do with me?” He asked, his submissive side taking hold.

“On your knees. Take my cock out and suck it. Make me feel good,” ordered Jeff.

Down he went, and when he unzipped Jeff’s jeans, he gasped at what was confined within. It was the thickest piece of man-meat he’d ever had the pleasure of seeing.