Friday, June 25, 2010

Mojo and a Warning

I've yet to regain my writing mojo. It's been about two weeks now, and I still lack the interest to add anything to my WIP's. I've tried, yet everything I write seems either overly done or bland. I hope this dry spell ends soon.
On another note; I was quite pissed today when I checked my bank account to find that Mastercard had went into my bank account to take a payment that was slighly overdue. Is this even freaking legal?
The reps from Mastercard (I spoke to two) were useless. Between their stuttering and trying to back themselves up, they said I had signed in my agreement a paper giving them permission to do this. In eight years I've never had this happen with them and my account has been overdue on a couple of occasions in that time period. I am pissed off and if I could have reached through the phone.... *SIMMER DOWN* I feel violated that they did this. I demanded a copy of the form that I 'signed' to be sent out to me in the mail. After the rep sighed a bit, he said he would. I look forward to getting it, but for some reason, I don't think it will ever show.


  1. Ugh! That sucks! I find it hard to believe that they are legally able to do that, but I'm not up on such things.

    Regarding writing, maybe try writing about not being able to write? It sounds silly, but as long as you're writing SOMETHING, you're helping break down the wall that's stopping your mojo. :-)

    Love ya baby,


  2. That has happened to me before! I never did get an explanation.


  3. Those bastards. They've been warning us the credit card companies are getting more and more dangerous and wiley in getting money out of us.... I however, have no credit cards anymore... so.... eep.

  4. As soon as I get my Mastercard paid off it's gone. They've never taken a payment out of my account, but they did make me send them a payment by Western Union once to make sure they got it on time.


  5. How nasty! I hope that situation can be solved, even I doubt it.

  6. Debt collectors can be very nasty. It certainly isn't good business.