Saturday, October 24, 2015

Another Case of Plagiarism

It's come to light this week that another author has been caught plagiarizing other authors work. The author in question writes m/m romance and was rather popular within that community with good sales or so I have been told.

It's stealing. There's no other word for it. I don't understand how she could mislead her friends and fans like that. Also why did she think she would get away with it?

I don't usually write posts about stuff like this and I try to stay away from the drama that sometimes pops up in the m/m romance community, but this all just stuck a nerve with me.

I do hope she sees that what's she's done was wrong. I also hope that she at least tries to clear this up with the author(s) she plagiarized. That would be the decent thing to do, but time will tell as this all plays out.


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