Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cover Reveal: Full-figured? Why yes she is!

I am extremely pleased to show off my cover for my upcoming menage, Risky Secrets. It's being published by Evernight Publishing and when the cover was first sent for me to view, I was thrilled. 

First the heroine is plus-sized. She's about a size 16. I knew when I sent the cover art form in that I wanted someone on the cover who looked like the heroine, Jayne. I have run across so many books where the heroine has a fuller figure, yet when you look at the cover she's thin or simply has huge breasts! It's a bit of a pet peeve for me and I'm glad I did not have to deal with that.

Risky Secrets has a release date. It's due to be out on August 14th! I'm excited!


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