Friday, April 13, 2012

Interview With Evernight Publishing's Acquisition/Administration Manager

I'm pleased to have Marie Buttineau visit Write Outside The Box. Marie has agreed to a short interview to let us know what Evernight is currently seeking. She is the acquisition/administration manager for Evernight Publishing.

X- What would you like to see in your email box in regards to submissions for Evernight?

M- Above all, we want quality stories. However, at the moment, we would love to see more interracial romance (BW/WM), BDSM romance, wolf/shifter romance, and submissions to our Naughty Fairy Tales line. We are also looking to expand our MM romance line.

X-What's the biggest mistake you see writers make?

M- We get a lot of submissions not suitable for Evernight. Our focus is romance and erotic romance, with some urban fantasy. Make sure the work is well edited, and the first page/first line really needs to pull the reader in.

X- What prompted you to get into the publishing world?

M- A love of the written word.

X- Who are your favorite authors?

M- All the authors I've worked with have been wonderful. I'm very proud of Georgia Fox. We saw the potential in her writing and asked her to expand her anthology submission into a novella, and the rest is history.

X- What advice would you give to budding authors looking to submit to Evernight?

M- We no longer accept sweet romance, but that doesn't mean your story has to be highly erotic. We are proud of our wide variety of romance and heat levels. If your story is well written and engaging, you have a great chance of being accepted.

X- Thanks for being here, Marie. Evernight's submission guidelines can be found here: