Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Be a teacher or be an author

I was shocked when I first read the article about a school teacher being raked over the coals for what she wrote in her off time, Link .

'A series of racy romance novels by an author named Judy Mays are a little too racy for some parents in our area, especially now that they have discovered the woman known as Judy Mays is teaching their children.'
So, apparently these parents haven't had sex. They must have suddenly had children appear out of thin air. Of course I'm being sarcastic, but really, what century are they living in, and who are they trying to fool?

This is just on reason why many of us are driven to write under pen names. It's sad that many people cannot separate the author from the work.

I wonder if the parents involved in this would feel the same if Ms. Mays wrote horror or fantasy? I think not.

I just hope that Ms. Mays gets the support she deserves. And to the parents: People who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones. Think about that before you start judging others.


  1. Great post!

    These parents should be bloody ashamed.


  2. Wow that many virgin births in the town should've made the news long before a teacher who writes books did. **GASP** an English teacher who actually likes English well enough to write--who'd have imagined such a thing! I have children, I write erotica, and it doesn't make me unqualified to be a parent so this certainly doesn't disqualify her to teach! These people should be ashamed. I hope she makes a bundle after all the nosy-Nellie in the town download a copy of all her books.

  3. I read the news article to get an idea of what you posted about the teacher.
    Holy Cats.
    I bet some of those women have read that kind of book. Does that make them incompatible to be parents?

  4. What gets me is that the FB support group has set up a online store to profit from this mess. They have refused to answer where the money is going, and if Ms. Mays is actually being given a cut, which she should.