Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Review

This review is from Bitten by Paranormal Romance:

I really enjoyed this novella from beginning to end. I liked how Vivian Kees brings this short story together with such good details when starting from scratch with no back story. The main characters, widow Eugenia and her unlikely love interest Cal are great for each other.

In the beginning we find out Eugenia has lost everything that she has worked so hard for thanks to her deceased husband and his gambling ways. Now she is at the mercy of the man who is the new owner of her home, Mr. Hawthorne. As the time passes, Eugenia has to decide whether she is willing to do what it takes to keep her life as it is and never go back to where she came from. Which means she might have to agree to Cal's indecent proposal. It was delicious to read how Cal is affected by just the sight of Eugenia and how he behaved at there first meeting. I definitely wasn't expecting that!! Hot! My favorite thing about romance Novellas are that they get right into the relationship of the couple and I was so excited Vivian Kees didn't disappoint! Good Job!!

I only wish it would have been longer. I can't wait to read a full length book from the author.

The reviewer was Stacy.

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Thanks to them for the wonderful review. It made my day.


  1. Awesome review, sweetie! :-)


  2. I loved the last part of the review Vivian about wanting a full length novel from you. Let's hope so!

  3. Wow, nice review. Congratulations!